Have you experienced an earthquake?

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      This evening here in the Philippines some areas experienced this earthquake I just hope that no one hurt.

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      I did not but my sister and most of my friend did feel the earthquake. Stay safe!

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      Sorry about that! That isn’t a nice thing to someone to happen. I have never experienced an earthquake.

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      Earthquake is terrible. Hope everybody is safe.

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      Yes, I have experienced it so many times. In Delhi, India we use to have earthquakes now and then. The furniture would shake, ceiling fans would swing and mild cracks would appear on the walls. All of us use to run out from the homes to open area.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I felt it and it was a strong one, good thing it doesn’t last long, maybe 25 secs maximum.

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      Anne Farmer

      Stay safe! The closest I have come to that was a tremor that made me feel like I was having a short dizzy spell.

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      I did not feel it. I was asleep as log. Oh my! I hope no one’s hurt. I heard the epicenter is in Batangas City.

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      Janet Jenson

      Yes I have been in many quakes, but only one in which people were killed and that was one too many. It happens so suddenly.

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      Janet Jenson

      -How cool that we can link posts we wrote elsewhere on here. @barbrad I really like that. I used to be a lot braver about earthquakes before the 1989 one that started in Santa Cruz and made its way up to where I was, about an hours drive up the coast. I was actually talking on the phone to someone who was at the time it hit in Santa Cruz and first I heard his dog howl and then a few seconds of silence before the man got his composure and yelled earthquake. I could hear things falling in the guy’s house, and just as I asked “Are you all right?” it hit my building. After it was safe to go down there, I drove down and bought some really neat books at the earthquake sales. Too bad that those really nice old bookstores went out of business after that quake.

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