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      My dental health is something I’ve been a little obsessive about within the last few years (after having to get a wisdom tooth extracted and then having my dentist give me a root canal on another tooth and drill & fill a couple others!).

      I have to agree with the saying that dental pain has to be some of the absolute most horrific physical pain a human can ever experience! After suffering for so long with the wisdom tooth I ended up having to get extracted, the health of my teeth (and the fears that were then embedded deeply into me) caused me intense anxiety.

      I actually even began following a very … unconventional dental health routine. For instance, quitting toothpaste & using a natural method of cleaning my teeth, taking up oil-pulling, etc.

      I just finished oil-pulling for the night & that’s what inspired me to start up this conversation with you all here.

      So, have you ever had dental work? Braces? Root canals? Extractions? Other dental procedures?

      Was is horrifically painful?

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      Yvanne Garcia

      I had dental filling for 4 molars. I wanted to have braces though so I can have a perfectly lined teeth. 🙂

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        Oh, I can see why you’d want braces to have perfect teeth. I think we all see our teeth as an important part of us, so I would be okay with getting braces too. It doesn’t seem as horrendous as having one pulled ,either. 😉

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      I’ve had at least four teeth extractions (three in one trip!), braces for close to ten years that ended when I was seventeen or eighteen, two cavity fillings in the same day, and of course very dedicated “regular” check-ups that left my mouth bloody. Oddly, I’ve never developed a phobia of the dentist. I just refuse to go unless something is falling out, which hasn’t happened yet…

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        Oh my, Jessica! And I thought my crazy string of dentist visits were horrific. You’ve really been put through the ringer! Good thing you’ve managed to stay clear of developing a phobia though. I was really scared of going into surgery and have 3 removed at once. Yikes!

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      I had one tooth extracted some time last year after I could not sleep the entire night due to the tooth ache.

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      ive been many times

      pits and fissure sealant 2x
      oral prophylaxis many times
      simple extraction

      coming: impaction extraction

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      I had one tooth extracted some years ago.

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