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      Stephanie C

      I love Halloween. We already have our costumes picked out, and I am so excited to start decorating. Anyone else excited? What will you dress as? Will you have a party? What are some of the Halloween traditions in your household?

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      Every year I get less and less excited about Halloween… don’t need all that candy or spending money on a costume for one day. If i’m invited to a party I’ll go to party, but don’t really care about Halloween..maybe its just cause its not part of my culture..

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      Oh my god I love Halloween! I love fall in general, though. I love that good horror movies go on sale and that the air is crisp but comfortable and that my black, orange, and cream tortie cat is a Lady of Autumn (because of her fall fur colors).

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      Stephanie C

      @Jessica I love the fall, too! There is nothing quite like cuddling up to a fire with a good book, a pumpkin muffin, and some hot chocolate! I love that your cat matches the season!

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      I’m not too sure what I’m doing for Halloween just yet. Probably do something with my boyfriend and or sister and her family.

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      I love Halloween! I am really excited to do a little decorating especially in our new front yard – light up my pretty new path and get some trick or treaters up in here! I have no idea what to dress as though 🙂

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      Kimberly Brown

      We do not start to prepare until October and we get the kids costumes in October. I take them out for candy.

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      Very few people celebrate halloween in my country, I personally have no plans right now.

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      Nooo! Not at all! Lol. I just want Summer to continue. Haha. Halloween means cold weather is coming & I hate that.

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      Anne Farmer

      As much as I love all things Halloween it is a little too early for me to think of it as of yet. But I feel your excitement. Having your costume picked out already is normal. It can takes months to find the right one, and if you make it yourself it will take time.

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      I wouldn’t say i’m excited per se, but if there’s something going on, I may just go; as what I dunno.

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