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      Have any of you gotten involved in guest posting with other bloggers, or on other blogs? Guest posting — where you create a post that a fellow blogger agrees to publish on their blog, and vice versa — if you’re new to guest posting, is a pretty popular method for connecting and making lasting relationships with other bloggers, and it helps get your blog more exposure, in the long run.

      Have any of you done any guest posting before? Did you like it, and would you be willing to do it again? If so, this is an opportunity to share your blog and interests & connect with others who want to participate in guest posting.

      This thread is where anyone interested can share and connect with someone who wants to team up and guest post with similar blogs.
      I considered creating a group here where we could all post our own blog links and find a way to connect with similar blogs for guest posting. Is anybody interested in that, though? If so, would you like to have a group where we could kind of team up and find other blogs similar to ours to exchange and guest post with?

      Just remember the basic rule of guest posting
      — Always, always, give credit to the guest poster. I like to name them from the very beginning of my post, linking their name to their preferred account or blog/site. Then, a short author bio at the end, where the author can share any links, how to get in touch with them, etc. The whole reason for guest posting is exposure, so we must always give the guest credit! Always name them, link to their preferred websites, etc.

      I’ll go ahead start off:

      My Blog:
      Focus/Main Topic: Crochet (will include knitting in the future, and possibly take on other DIY crafts, but mostly crochet.

      Guest Post Topics I’m Willing to Publish from other Bloggers: Anything crochet, knitting related. Possibly DIY’s such as T-shirt refashions or something since a lot of the crochet posts I do are clothing.

      I feature a lot of tutorials on how to crochet garments, etc. I like to share lists of other crocheter’s work, mostly tutorials (always giving them credit and linking to their pages and tutorials, of course).

      Example 2: I would love to add other people’s crochet or knitting work. Any photos of fellow crocheters’ works, or even their WIPs (works in progress). Interviews would be fun, or someone who wanted to share a story/memoir of how they got into crochet/knitting, what their inspirations are/were, how they learned, any tips they can share, etc. Those would be wonderful, quality pieces that I’d like to feature from other people. Even if you aren’t a blogger, but you crochet/knit, if you happen to have something to share on the topic, I’d be willing to consider publishing.

      Tutorials are a definite interest that I’d feature on my blog.

      Rules/Requirements For Submitting A Guest Post On My Blog:
      Just the typical rules that apply for BlogJob (such as no spam, no nudity at all, no plagiarism, you know, the typical rules for pretty much all websites that publish.) Of course, the rule of naming & linking to the guest’s site/blog and giving them credit for their post(s).

      How this Works:
      you’re interested, we can use this as a thread to connect. Post a brief description of your blog’s “theme” or main topics, along with a link to your blog(s), and if you want, a description of what posts you’d be interested in publishing on your blog from a guest.

      My Experience With Guest Posting, for Those Who’re Unsure About Trying & Want More Info:
      I’ve been blogging for about 4 years (a Blogger hosted blog, not the one I have here, obviously), and have delved into guest posting a few times, mostly where I have published guests work. I don’t think my work has ever been featured on someone elses blog though. I’ve had requests to guest post and almost always accept. In my experience, there’s only been one guest who I’ve published on my blog that didn’t earn a great deal of extra exposure, and that was due to the work being a play rather than your typical blogging kind of topics/work.

      Earlier as I was looking at my stats (on my Blogger blog, not this one) and noticed that a guest post I published years ago was still getting exposure! So, the author is gaining more and more traffic as time goes on.

      So far, I’ve only had one guest post for my blog here at BlogJob, and would like to see more of that.

      Things We Should Remember:
      We’d probably need to make sure we are in line with any rules and stuff in place here for BlogJob, but I think we could do it with little complications. The Blog Job rules are that our posts are a minimum of like 300 words, I think. And the sharing rule where we’re required to share each of our posts to 5 different websites/social media. Those are the only BlogJob rules I can think of right now, so as long as we follow those….

      Whoever else is interested in participating in any guest posting (with anybody. I’m not just looking for guest posts between me only. I want this to be a thread where each of us can post our blogs and info and find others through this thread that relate to ours.)

      For those of you who are interested in participating, leave your info here on the thread using the format style I did (you can copy/paste the guide thingy I’ve made below and fill it out) or choosing your own.

      Your Blog URL:

      Focus/Main Topic of Your Blog:

      What Types of Posts You’re Willing to Consider:

      Any Examples of Your Previous Posts and What You’d Most Love
      to Have Submitted to You For Consideration:

      Your Rules/Requirements For Submitting To Your Blog as a Guest Poster:

      I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s responses! I think this will make a great compilation list of everyone’s blogs, and as the list grows, we’ll hopefully be able to find many matches we can connect with! I sure hope others are interested in participating!

      I guess once we have some blog descriptions listed, we can just contact the blogger who we’re interested in guest posting with via their public profile (commenting on their profile or something since not everybody will check back for replies left to each other on this thread.)

      Lastly, if anybody has any better ideas on how to work this out or any suggestions, don’t hesitate to chime in!

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      I haven’t quest blogged for someone else but have had a few others write for me. I would love to do both and think that it’s a great concept.

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      So glad to hear it, Sadie. So, if you are interested in maybe participating in any guest posting, post your blog URL & blog info (topic, what types of guest posts you’d accept on your blog, etc.) here in the thread so that if anyone else becomes interested in guest blogging, they’ll see who’s open for it & what their blog is about. 😉

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      I am interested in this. I have done this severally but I never saw any positive results especially with my blogs ranking (not the one I have here).
      I would like to participate in anything that improves the traffic on my blog.

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        Sorry to hear you didn’t benefit from guest posting in the past. 🙁 Glad you’d participate again, though. Could you leave your blog’s info here so folks interested can know where to find your blog (the link) and what your topic is, and also what posts you’d be interested in accepting on your blog, or writing for others?

        Anybody interested, fill out the below with your info & re-post it here:

        Your Blog’s URL:
        Your Blog’s topic:
        What types of posts you’re interested in having submitted to you, for posting on your blog:

        Anything else you’d like to add.

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      It sounds promising though I have not yet tried it, I will be considering it soon.

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      This is new to me but I would wish to try it out.

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        Great! Judging by your types of articles, Wayflay, I could imagine a lot of blogs would want to publish your work! I would definitely try to hook up with various bloggers because you have great talent.

        You can leave your blog’s link/URL here so people who want to join or create their own guest post switch-up can find you. 😉

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      I understand some people get paid to blog on your behalf as well I believe it is called ghost writing.

      As for guest posting I would feel pressure to write for the other party, unless I have some clear in my mind what to write.

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      I wouldn’t mind doing it and I think it is a great idea. It’s nice to add a different voice to your blog now and again.

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      Sounds very intersting as I have not done this

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      I hate been paid to guest blog on a couple of blogs. I would consider guest blogging for people who could guest blog for me.

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      Grecy Garcia

      A good friend shared one of my blog in Bubblews on her own blog and I get a lot of views. I also had experienced before that a person asked me to write on their blog about pets and I did. He paid me. It is great and a privilege but I really need to be careful.

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