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      How did your first of November start?

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      It is cold and windy here. The dirt is flying everywhere:(

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      Not too bad a little chilly.

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      Very cold, but absolutely perfect. Me and my significant other got to skip out on everything for this weekend, and spend the night in our new home!! We just kind of ran off, not letting the typical crap get in the way, neither of us worked and we avoided phone calls of people who needed us to do things! Ha Ha Ha! A much needed weekened all alone together. So, we stayed up all night having somewhat of a romantic sleepover and then woke up to friends coming over to hang out. Then, we spent the day inside from the cold, cleaning up the new place! It’s already looking like home for me.

      Then we finally re-emerged and joined the world outside our warm, comfortable no-work, only-play (except the house work, which did not even feel like work) to spend time with my nieces and parents.

      The perfect way to spend the coldest weather we’ve had yet this year, in my opinion! 😉 Perfect start to this cold season, which usually has me struggling through some depression. Not this time!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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