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      Petula Glave

      Nearly one month ago received an email from a recruitment agency. They said a company had contacted them about my cv and would like to interview could they put my name forward. Of course, why not, a part time job working from home, I could do as well as other online work. Great! Little to my knowledge that the company who had offered me a position as company executive to represent them over here were money launders targeting recruitment agencies to get their pray.

      Everything looked real and genuine. Work description from the agency I uploaded and printed off looked real enough, even the contract from the “genuine” company looked professional. I signed and scanned paperwork back to the company and had my first assignment on the Monday.

      My duties to start of was to complete Western Union paperwork from the company to send monies to customers who trade on the stock market. Nothing wrong with that I thought, all legal stuff. (what a fool I was).

      I would email the information back to head quarters. However, when I had another assignment, I went to the bank and the ATM declined card and said give back to user.

      I went down the bank the following morning to find out why they declined my card and I nearly fell to the floor. The company that I had supposedly signed up with had taken all the relevant paperwork and company legal documents from an international company.

      They had targeted national agencies to find their victims. They would find someone that is signed up to recruitment agencies who they thought would pass, email the stolen contracts and working assignments through. Once the job had been done I had to email the information through once the assignment had been completed.

      It only came to light when another transaction should have gone through but did not, when contacted the bank to see why, then the money laundering stood out like a sore thumb.

      So, in future, if you ever work for an international company, ask the agency to speak to the human resource department and then confirm in writing their Vat registration number before considering sending employees the information.

      But this scenario is not scratching the surface because there are other genuine companies out there that are scamming job seekers to work long hours for pittance, but that is another story…

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      The situation is grave. Thanks for sharing this post.

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      More thanks for sharing.

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