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    Can we just forgive and forget someone who hurt us?

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    Depends on a lot of things, in my opinion. First, it depends on the person who’s forgiving and forgetting (or not doing that.) If they’re able to. Some people hold grudges, and they won’t forgive and forget.

    I don’t think it’s possible to forget. I mean forgetting something that had a big impact on you is hard to do, even if the wrong you perceive to have been done towards you is forgiven and you no longer even hold any hard feelings about it, you may not forget it. However, I have been able to put many of the things out of my mind that I felt were done to me wrongly. But humans have good memories! 😉

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    I also feel the same @kendra I think it’s really hard to forget specially if the person who hurt you means so much to you. We may forgive but like what you’ve said humans have good memories so we never really forget 😉

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    I agree with you @kendra. It is hard to forget past mistakes. However, sometimes you just have to “move on” with your life and not hold that grudge against someone one or think they’ll come back to you etc… No matter how much that person hurt you, they still deserve to live a happy life. This is when we need to just “let go” of our past and move on to better things.

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    Always forgive, never forget, that’s my motto. Forgiveness is never for the other person who wronged you, it’s for your own peace of mind. If you forget something that someone did to you I think you’re inviting a repeat of the actions

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      You’re right @pegasus We should never forget the things that have hurt us so as to be careful not to happen that thing again. We may forgive but we do not really forget.

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    It depends on how bad it is and what happened. It may be hard to forget. But forgiving really sets yourself free more then anything else. Forgiving may take time but I think that it is possible.

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    I have learned to forgive someone that did something very aweful to my oldest 2 children, but I will not forget and he will never see my other 3 kids!!
    I am told in God’s word to forgive and not let what they did define who I am, but I don’t have to forget what happened, I don’t have to ever see that person again and I definitely don’t have to expose my youngest 3 to him and his ways!

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      We don’t forgive for them, it is for us and for our life!

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    to forgive is one thing, that is easy. But to forget is the harder part nd it takes a heart and the will from within, to reach the final conclusion

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    Kimberly Brown

    I always forgive but never forget.

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    Stephanie C

    I’m the kind of person that, when I’m hurt, I push away. I forgive simply because holding on to negative feelings only hurts me, but I don’t forget the hurt they caused. Usually, if it’s bad enough, I leave the relationship. It’s easy to lose my trust, I guess.

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    We forgive others for us no sense keeping forgiveness all bottled up

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    Gil Guerrero

    I have done it so many times. It doesn’t mean I go back to that horrible path or go back to that person or those people. It just means I let everything slip away in order to move on. I don’t care about them or of what they just did to me cause I would be just wasting my time, and that one is way more valuable than the people who hurt me once. I forgive and I guess I forget too. It’s in my memory, cause I have a good one, but I don’t care or let it affect me anymore. But sometimes I really don’t remember even if I was angry sometime.

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    It is not easy. I am not sure I can.

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