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      How do you feel about your job? Do you love it or hate it? Or do you have mixed feelings? What kind of job do you have?

      I work a crummy fast food job I’m glad that I’m employed thankful I only work 16 hours a week now but I hate it. I love my blogging job and wish that I could manage to do it more. I really enjoy writing.

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      I love and at the same time hate my job. I love my job since it is not as hectic as others. There maybe times that I’m overload but most of time I just do my online jobs. I just hate that I am earning at a minimum wage for almost 4 years 🙁 but other than that my work is fine 😉

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      Well, it’s great that you’re trying to still do something you love. I happen to believe in that old saying that if you do what you love then you’ll eventually end up there, or however it goes. It has happened for me! Writing has been a passion of mine, and something I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I went to college for it & basically stuck with it from my early teen years and refused to give up, and continuing to write content every single day and it has become my career. It required perseverance and giving up time to devote to building a profile, but it is starting to pay off now.

      To answer your question though, it’s kind of ironic… as much as I’d love to say oh it’s perfect. Everything about my job is amazing. That’s unfortunately not true. I love the work, yes, but I have found myself baffled at the treatment of the employees where I work. 🙁 Not a good thing to say, I know. In the old days it was like a hard rule that you never spoke about your job badly, but I prefer honesty, and well, it sucks to be mistreated, so of course you want to speak up when you can. Especially when you can’t speak up for yourself at work, it makes you want to say it even more in the places you can. Lol.

      I don’t often complain much about the job — it’s not the job that’s a problem. Ever. It’s perfect if writing, researching and learning is your passion (and well, most all of us here have those same passions), but the people are not kind to the employees. It’s very unprofessional, but these people don’t have to answer to anyone except clients and even then, not much. It’s not uncommon to be threatened with losing your job, having your pay docked or even being required to put in double at a moments notice. It’s just not a friendly environment, and you get a major sense of being less than, if you know what I mean. You aren’t really treated like a person there. You never forget your place, which is very low beneath the employer, and you’re reminded of that daily. That sort of thing where it’s made clear that you’re basically disposable and not seen as a human with feelings or anything. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how every one of the employees (writers and editors alike) are treated. Very harshly, to be honest.

      Like I said though, I do love the job, and I even enjoy the challenges sometimes, although they’re extreme at times. For instance, the writers were all suddenly required to do double (including a whole ‘nother job that none of us have had experience in, yet the task typically requires someone with a great deal of knowledge, if not actual training in) and we’re told the moment work comes in that we’re to have this new task added to our job requirements and it’s hard as hell, and the rules for it is so strict you can hardly get it right! Lol. It’s been frustrating because you’re told that you better get it right each time or you run the risk of being removed, fired. That’s what I hate — that we’re not valued, even if we are incredible workers. The clients may express great gratitude for our work, but we’re never told it because they don’t speak directly to us, but to the employer. So, yeah. Sometimes we get word that a client was particularly impressed and it’s upsetting to know that our employer didn’t tell us that, but only had one announcement that week — to do better and be quicker at the new task or we’d lose our positions. Psh!

      I’d say I’m on the fence about it. I would consider myself super lucky and with a fabulous job if only that one thing were different. The treatment. Shh! (Don’t tell. Lol. 😉

      Okay, I totally went into bitc* mode on that one. LOl. Ooops!

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      @Kendra I feel your pain on the “Corporate A-holes”. Its horrible how people can be so cut throat against their employees and Managers use their “Manager Card” and give you BS. I don’t know if that’s your case, but I have experienced that at my Job. I have a part time (very part time) job at Macy’s, and although I LOVE working there, the environment, the other employees; sometimes there are managers that like to pull their Manager card and boss around employees. When they go in the back of the stock room and gossip and what they don’t like… ugh…It’s not just Macy’s, this has happened at my previous jobs as well…I’d say its the “corporate” environment….

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      oh and I LOVE my Macy’s employee discount 🙂

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      I’ll talk about the last actual job outside the house that I had. It was for a company that processed other people’s benefits. There is nobody that is happy when they have to call about benefits. We hated working the phones, I was good at my job, but I hated it.

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      The ‘current’ job I am at right now, I can’t wait to leave it, haha. I’ve only been there a few days and since I just got another new job I’m starting September 8, I’m debating whether to stick around for the last week at this one. I honestly can’t stand it though!!!

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      I love my job as a bath aide at the nursing home, because you get to spend one on one time with each of the residents. But, they expect too much of you! You have 8 hours and 8 to 10 showers a day, you have to stop to help get people up for breakfast and to feed breakfast, then you have to stop to help with lunch, in the mean time you are supposed to strip and make the beds of the ones that have baths that day and to answer the call lights. You have to clean the closets and drawers one time a month for each of them and you have to wash the beds one time a month! There isn’t time to get all of the showers in and make the beds let alone do all of the side work that they want you to get done!!

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      i do not like my job currently, but it is all that i have and that is why i keep it just to keep the time moving and meet the normal human needs that face me each and every day. In fact it is not the one i studied in college for

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      Kimberly Brown

      I love my job online even though I work many hours it still pays my bills and is so worth it. 🙂 I do many different things online.

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      I was in a job I love but the business was taken over so I had to leave to join another company – I hated the job I had there so I quit not long after.

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