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      Facebook has to share some profit with it’s user cause they are earn from us I mean User and they never paid us little penny what do you think facebook has to pay us? or not

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      During its conception I understand why Facebook couldn’t pay users, but Facebook is now popular enough to justify such an action. I don’t know that they absolutely have to, but I think it would be worth it for them to experiment with paying their users. Even if they set the limit to five dollars a day, I think it would be in their best interest to share the wealth.

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      I’d use it a lot more if Facebook was paying us.

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      I would go back to facebook if it were throwing a few bucks at me to do so. It’s really not my favorite place anymore though

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      I don’t think they should. Facebook is a business and they need to make money to continue to offer their service. If we aren’t contributing to the infrastructure or assets of the company then we shouldn’t be paid. That’s like saying that Walmart (or any other business) should pay us to be their customers. Non-Profits don’t even work like this.

      I do understand the thought though and I wish they did. Maybe it’s because sites like this pays us, that we feel that way (we’re spoiled). 🙂 But that’s because of the business model of this site and sites like it.

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      It is all the decision of the Company owner(s). Otherwise I think paying users is a good incentive especially for new websites although it should not stop. sharing profits or ad revenue is an incentive to use a website. I don’t think it should be taken as a job that one can rely on.

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      Kimberly Brown

      They do not have to and I do not think they ever will. That is why this site will be the best social/blogging site once it goes viral.

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      I agree with you there @Kimberly_Brown I can’t wait until this site increases in popularity! Who wouldn’t want to earn money on a social site?!

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      Rose Ann Doce

      Yeah. I agree to that. But we all know that they will not do that. Because they earning money without paying the users.

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      Interesting, this is why blogjob will one day come to beat them all, hopefully it continues to pay the users without issues.

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      Robert Stukowski

      Facebook does not have to pay us for anything. We are their customers and not their employees or business partners.

      Blogjob pays us because we are their business partners. We create content for them through our blogs.

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      They are offering a service and people are willing to use it. So I doubt people would actually be paid

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      True but it is for our content. I think they should share @ least a percentage like Tsu does.

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