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      My day seems to have been filled with talk (and use) of really odd foods, and since there has been some interesting food discussions on here lately, I thought I’d take to asking ya’ll if you have any extremely odd food likes? Or not even necessarily likes, but odd foods you’ve tried. To make a post that’s actually interesting, I’m going for extremely odd, not just odd! 🙂 I’m talking very odd here. So, what are some extremely odd foods you’ve either tried or actually like?

      I’ll go first, and explain how my inspiration for this post even began. My niece likes her hot dogs raw (not that odd, and many of us in my family do,) but she also enjoys roasting them on the fire. Since we were having a hot dog roast tonight, she had the pleasure of roasting most of our hot dogs for us (which means burning them to a crisp, often dropping them in the fire & mostly ash-covered hot dogs for us). When it came her turn, she wanted hers raw, but decided she wanted to cook it over the fire too, and of course she then didn’t want to eat it (since it was now cooked, and covered in ashes and grass) LOL. So she has me peel the overly cooked skin off her hot dog so she could enjoy it.

      Her actual “extremely odd” food favorite though is cat food! The hard pebbles of cat food. I’m not even kidding. She’s been sneaking the cat’s food here for years now (she’s a toddler.) For a long time, we thought she just really enjoyed feeding the cats & watching them eat (with her head really close to the food bowl.) Until we caught her with a hand full, sneaking it into her mouth under a cover! Needless to say, we have to put the cat bowl out of reach most of the time now. LOL. She still manages to sneak some, sometimes. The other day she had gotten away with a handful and before I’d even noticed said “did you forget I love to eat cat food.” LOL. Of course upon prying her mouth open, she had crunched up bits in there. And she also had cat food breath. Not the most pleasant breath on a human. When I took it away from her she said “but it’s sooo goooood!” LOL.

      Tonight, I met a girl at a fast food restaurant, who when I asked for honey to go with my fries, told me that she eats honey on pickles! And I thought eating it with my fries and chicken was kind of unusual.

      Even later tonight my significant other & I were in a grocery store & spotted this huge, bright green colored muffin. A pistachio muffin. The shape of it and the color reminded me of that character from Sesame Street that lives in a garbage can. Oscar, I believe is his name. This muffin was so odd! The color was so bright and really, really crazy. And of course, there’s just something about really odd food that makes you want to try it, so we got one & split it. I’d never heard of a pistachio muffin before, and since he loves pistachios (and I love muffins) we thought one of us might just like it. Turns out we both loved it, but it didn’t actually taste like pistachios at all, except the actual nuts crushed up in the muffin. But for the most part, it tastes like amaretto. The pistachios themselves are so small that you don’t really taste much of them, but overall a nice, tasty experience.

      Potato chips with ketchup, mixed up into a bowl has been one of my dad’s favorite midnight snacks ever since I can remember. I don’t love that one, but enjoy a couple bites every now and then. A very bold taste, that’s for sure.

      I believe those are all I can think of off the top of my head.

      So what are yours?

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      Wow, okay I thought I did eat weird foods, but mine or more of a weird nature of the food itself vs a way that I eat it or in a combo. For instance as a kid I liked jellyfish and tripe, but those are just odd foods, not anything I did to make them weird.

      Let’s see, the weird things I like to do that is of my own creation:

      French fries and milk shakes (frosty from wendy’s especially)

      I put bacon pieces from the salad bar on top of my ice cream with caramel sauce (freaked out some foreign friends with that one)

      I really can’t think of anything too weird right now lol. my husband is more the oddball, he’ll eat raw potatoes like an apple, lemons rind and all, salted raw hamburger meat, and he drinks the juice out of vienna sausages lol

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      Kimberly Brown

      I love burnt hot dogs. My daughter so hates them. I have to peel them for her as well.

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      Oh my. Pegasus, those actually are really odd, to me! I have never heard of some of those, especially the jelly fish tripe, and the ice-cream and bacon bits! LOL. I would really think that strange, but I can see why you like it. My SO & I like to try weird foods we come across & Sonic had this bacon peanut butter milkshake last summer & we had to try it, but I expected it to be disgusting. Actually not bad, but not something I’d really would order too often. Lol. He loved it!

      Now your husband… That *is* very unusual foods! Lol. Raw hamburger meat!? Really? And he doesn’t get sick? Does he enjoy it like that or is it something he started doing for some kind of health benefits? Now that one is really interesting! I once read about it being healthy, actually & almost wanted to try it myself, but was a little too chicken to go through with it. I really don’t think I’d enjoy the taste.

      Plus, I hate getting sick and was scared it would be possible with my body not being used to it, but I’ve heard of people eating it frequently and never getting sick and having pretty good health. Some people believe it’ll downright kill you, though. That is so interesting that he eats raw meat! Brave!

      I can’t say I have ever met anybody who found lemon rinds appealing. Lol. What a healthy idea, though. 😉

      Kimberly: LOL That’s so funny that she too makes you peel her hot dogs. I equally like them cooked totally black (on the outside), and raw too. Sometimes I can’t decide if I want an uncooked one or a burnt! Lol. I also like my marshmallows black & crispy. 😉

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      I love exotic foods. Bone marrow is one of my favorites.

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      What strange foods do you enjoy?

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        Sadie Marie:
        How awesome that you mention bone marrow! I have never tried it, but have wanted to because I’ve read so much about its health benefits (mostly I could use the extra dental and bone health). That has caused me so seriously consider trying it. Some people love it and some think it’s horrible! Lol.

        I am about to try some bone broth (the “real” stuff) for the very first time ever! 🙂 It’s also for health reasons. I hear a lot of people who like bone marrow tend to love bone broth! Some people even drink it like a tasty tea.

        I can’t say I’ve ever really eaten much exotic foods… And when I have tried exotic things, I’ve never really fallen in love. I guess I’m a weirdo and just haven’t branched out and tried enough new foods yet.

        Probably the most exotic thing I’ve tried was octopus. Lol. and I did not do it by choice! I was told it was something else. It wasn’t bad at all though. I was also tricked into eating GOAT once! I was horrified. Lol. But it really wasn’t awful either. Just not something I really enjoy eating.

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      Adelee Gals

      I love to eat lobster and octopus. 🙂

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