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      Hey everyone or you that respond. Do you set aside etc. one hour or two hours to write a blog or do you just write and write with no actual timeframe. I do.
      The reason I want to know is the efficiency of writing or using time, how much effort do you put in writing?

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      I don’t have an exact time frame because at times I do write one blog posts and sometimes two blog posts.

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      No, I don’t have a specific time to write. Whenever I have some free time I write. Usually takes me 20 minutes per blog post…

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      Yvanne Garcia

      I write with no actual set time. 🙂

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      Robert Stukowski

      I try to write my stuff in an hour or two. Setting such deadlines are necessary since let me fit my blogging within the blogs ordered by my clients (which have their own deadlines).

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      I just write when I have the idea to write about and it depends on the flow of the ideas in my head about the topic I write about.

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      no time frame
      but I definitely have a technique
      I write informative posts so
      I usually make a list of main points I want to talk about
      then I arrange them in a order that makes the most sense
      and I explain each point while writing a post…

Viewing 6 reply threads
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