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      Have any of you ever heard of, or used, “urine therapy?”

      Urine therapy is the drinking of human urine (usually your own) on in an attempt to heal ailments, with the belief that human urine is healing…

      It’s also used external, usually applied to ailments like acne or other minor issues.

      Not quite sure what I think about this “therapy” just yet, but it sure is a odd, I must say. I am not so sure I’d be able to drink urine voluntarily. I mean, I *have* accidentally drank urine (a horrible accident that had me gagging all night) and it was not pleasant!

      I always considered urine a waste, so it’d be hard to get past that whole mind-set…

      Have you ever used this “therapy” and would you?
      Do you believe in the healing power of human urine?

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      I would not, not even if my life depended on it! I read that one of the best ways to get food poisoning and other forms of poisoning is when you eat or drink something that has excrement or urine in it. I wouldn’t want to voluntarily take the risk of poisoning myself, even if it was my own urine.

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      I have never heard of it but I would not wish to experience it.

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        Agree! It’s not something I want to experience either. Lol.

        It would just be SO hard to get past the whole idea of well, drinking pee! Lol. It’s hard not to be grossed out by it, even if it’s sterile.

        Now if I were in a crisis kind of situation like stranded in a desert for a long period of time (I pray I’ll never be in such a situation), then of course I would do whatever necessary to survive and drinking your own urine probably would be the least of your worries at that point. Lol. But it would sure have to be a crisis.

        I am so curious about it, though. Ever since I heard of it, I’ve been curious to know the hard facts, although there aren’t many. There are A LOT of huge health claims out there, and even people who share their pee-drinkin’ “testimonials” and claim to have amazing health. Still, I’ve also read that you’re not getting any nutrition or anything from drinking your pee unless you’re following a diet that’s truly full of nutrition and basically only healthy foods. So I bet my urine isn’t even all that healthy! Lol. I eat healthy, but not strictly so.

        Very odd, but interesting topic!

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      ehh… no thanks. lol

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      Wow! How crazy!

      It does interest me that people get arrested for things like this, especially when others start claiming the thing they offered is healing them. Don’t want to take away from “big pharma!” Lol. But that’s the US. I’m not sure how other countries do things.

      It’s also extremely intriguing to me that the naturopaths and holistic healers and folks like them sure seem to have it right when it comes to health! I myself have found healing with certain incurable health issues by simply following holistic or natural remedies! 😉

      I had no idea about the cow urine! How very interesting. It’s just so hard to get past the whole urine thing. I guess we’ve always been told that it’s gross, so I just don’t know I could ever get over that. lOL. But if it’s healing other people, more power to them, in my opinion. If it isn’t hurting them (and I’m sure it can’t do NEARLY the damage RX drugs do!) then I don’t see why they should be condemned for it, necessarily.

      Then again, I’d be wary about “treating” anyone other than myself since, like in the Uganda medicine man’s case you mentioned, you can face legal charges. Still an interesting area of… medicine to explore.
      I mean, there are A LOT of claims and stuff backing the urine therapy.

      Anyways, that reminds me of something that was in our local news last summer. The police had found an abandoned house FULL of jugs of urine. Everyone said it’s probably a drug lab, or something related to drugs, although I don’t know all that much about urine and drugs Lol. But that’s interesting. Perhaps they were… indulging. Lol.

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