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      I’m looking into starting an etsy shop with homemade plushies/clothing/decorations and I was wondering if anyone else here has an etsy shop and has any tips?

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      I have one! You can find it HERE.

      I make and sell plushies and crocheted things, and it’s a really useful platform… if you can manage to make it work for you. I haven’t had the best luck with it, and I hit up some pretty good markets (Pok√©mon, My Little Pony, fandom things tend to sell well), but my highest yearly income was $260. Yeah, for the whole year.

      At least it’s a good shop system!

      If you’d like, I could snag you a referral code to join with? If you sign up with a referral, they give you a whole 40 free listings! It’s about $8 worth, but lasts a long time.

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      Thank you for that information. I will try it

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      I did my sister use to sell womens coats & made over $10,000 per month! I’d highly recommend opening a shop if you can!

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      I was thinking of opening a shop.

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      I tried Etsy, but they required something to sign up that I didn’t have, but I cannot remember what! Lol. So I ended up using ShopHandmade, which is really user-friendly and easy to set up, and that is where I’ve set up my shop “Laughing Flamingos” where I sell my crocheted items. Can’t say much for Etsy since I’ve not gotten to use them myself, but I think your best bet would be to read some of the articles on Etsy about how to get exposure and have an appealing shop. I read about how to really set up a good shop for days before attempting to set up on Etsy and found a lot of the information useful. There are tons of bloggers who’ve written info that could help.

      It’d help to know what you’re looking for… How to title your stuff to sell best? There’s so much in this arena that you might be better off doing a search on exactly what you’re looking for and reading up on what experienced sellers have to say.

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      That’s good advice Kendra, I had never heard of ShopHandmade, but user friendly is up my alley. Etsy is a good place, but I didn’t really get a lot of traffic.

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      You do have to promote your shop a great deal.

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