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      Stephanie C

      Before posting, it’s so smart to go back and review your piece at least once or twice. How do you like to edit? Do you copy and paste it somewhere? Do you read it out loud? What’s your editing process like?

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      Letty B

      I usually read it out loud. If it’s a longer piece of work, then I will sometimes copy and paste it somewhere else to edit it! Unfortunately, when I do that, I sometimes end up with too many drafts/versions and if I spend too long away from the piece before coming back to it, I forget which draft has my most recent revisions! 🙂

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      I typically reread it after writing it. I normally write it on this site and then go over it before publishing my work.

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      If it’s a small piece like that of 50 words I reread, but if it’s longer then I copy and paste it in MS Word to check spelling and some minor grammatical errors.

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      Genevia Cameron

      I personally read everything out loud to myself before I submit it. There has to be a tone to your content. I personally am a big fan of having a certain flow of words. Once you open Pandora’s box and find your voice it’s easy to just type out responses without a second guess but I will confess, I will always need spell check, lol.

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      Grecy Garcia

      The draft here whenever we are writing our blogs are cool. I edit it by reading it again. If I need to compose another sentence just to be creative or simple, I will, until I am satisfied.

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