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      Hey guys, I’m running into a bit of a gray area here and I kind of wanted to put it out there and get some feedback. @SadieMarie this is kind of geared a little toward you. So when someone’s post or comment or whatever out there in BlogJobLand strikes a chord in you and inspires you to write something, do you feel like this is in any way a violation of their original content? Your post about being guilty, @SadieMarie, made me feel like I wanted to share my own story about my miscarriages, but I didn’t want to seem like I was stepping on your own blog post does that make sense?

      So if someone out there posts something and it inspires you to tell your own story, would it be ok to use them for inspiration?

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      Please do that is nice to be able to inspire you like that. 🙂

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      Yes Pegasus. I believe it will help you and also others who read it. Go for it girl.

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      I have seen that done before where bloggers made mention of their source of inspiration. I always think it’s nice to do that, if a blogger’s post did inspire you to a pretty big extent. I think it’s amazing that you two are so brave to share this stuff. I know what kind of horrific experience that is, and honestly, I would love to have the honor of reading how other women have dealt through this experience, too. It’s always nice when you can read on someone else’s story and be able to relate to their feelings upon going through similar or the same experiences. You brave thing. I look forward to reading!

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      If you consider your topic too close to what inspired you, maybe you should mention that post. Otherwise, the internet is a huge place, we’re bound to cover the same subjects sometimes.

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      Stephanie C

      Even if you aren’t in danger of plagiarizing or stealing content, I bet it would make the other person feel pretty great that they were able to inspire you 🙂

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