Do you write differently when blogging?

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    I know I do. When I’m writing a “real” article, I get very picky. I’ll proofread the thing to death. When I write a forum post or a blog post or something more casual, I’m not nearly as fussy with grammar. I like to maintain a more conversational tone. I don’t want to sound overly “stuffy.”

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    Yes, I write differently when blogging.

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    Karen Fainges

    I’m the same. Depends on the type of article and blog for that matter, but I tend to be more chatty in a blog.

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    It is the same with me. When blogging I try to be more professional but also casual.I don’t want to sound strict. I try to put some funny parts that will put a smile on reader’s face. And yes I check everything through. I hate when I realize later that there is some mistake. On forum I write too fast and I often make mistakes.

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    I guess for me, it really depends on my mood. But our writing will reflect what kind of writer we are so I really am trying my best to make the most out of it.

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    when I write for hubpages, it will be a lengthy article but when at other sites, I write shorter articles and straight from my heart

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    I think we all develop our own writing style over time. I want my writing to be good, but I’m just not that worried about it being perfect in a casual setting. Something might be “correct” but it doesn’t feel “right” when you’re trying to write like you’re just chatting with someone. If that makes sense.

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    I’m in the casual mode when I blog. For real articles I will do more formal writing.

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    Yes,anything that comes to my mind but most are from my daily experiences.

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