Do You Use Weight Loss "Supplements" Like Garcinia Cambogia?

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      Just curious to know if anyone here has used, or is currently using any sort of weight loss supplement or product? Since we just began a new year, I assume many folks are resolving to lose weight, so are you one of them?

      If you have used any sort of weight loss supplement or product, can you share whether it “worked” for you or not?

      I actually have used most of them on the market, myself with zero results. However, I did get interested in trying the Garcinia Cambogia supplements that have been in the news for the last year.

      I only just started tonight, but will be documenting my entire journey using it (and any results that might occur) online on a blog I run outside of Blog Job.

      Anybody else used this one? I’ll also be combining Raspberry Ketones to the mix sometime soon, but not until I have a good idea of what the Garcinia does to me. I want to be extremely cautious on this!

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      I guess that is not yet available in the Philippine market.. I myself did not use any dietary supplement. I just naturally lost weight from 52kgs to 42kgs in a span of two years. But maybe after giving birth, it’d be harder for me to lose weight and I will be needing some..

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        Hey! Thanks so much for your response. It is somewhat still new-ish here, so I can imagine it not being available world-wide yet. I think it really got popular last year sometime, but there are also about 1 million scams surrounding the stuff, so it’s really an iffy market. Guess that’s why I was so curious about what others could share about it.

        Well congrats on the new bundle of joy!! 🙂 😉

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      I have never thought of using any weight loss supplement.

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      I am going to try bio slim

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        Interesting. Never heard of Bio Slim. Where do you get this? Have you tried it yet? When you do, I hope you’ll share your progress! I’d love to know how and if it works. Some of my recent work has been on the topic of weight loss products, so I’ve been unusually curious about the different products out there lately. I actually have been using a couple myself, because I just *HAD* to know if all the hype is true. I’ve been trying the Garcinia Cambogia for about a month now, I’d say. Also take Raspberry Ketones, but I have not lost any weight. Losing wasn’t exactly a big goal of mine anyways, really, but mostly building muscles and toning up, but a few less pounds would still be nice. 😉

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