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      When I write an article, I aim for 500 to 1,000 words. I know that blogging is not the same as writing a novel so I feel the need to condense what I say, but I still want to go above and beyond the acceptable word count as well as offering you all information. When you are a reader, do you prefer reading longer, more in-depth articles or would you rather have bite-sized, shorter articles?

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      Robert Stukowski

      It depends on the topic. I want longer technology and science posts since these topics need detailed explanations. But, I prefer short personal and life stories. I guess it depends on how commonly understand the topic is. You don’t need to go into detail on topics that people should be able to understand intuitively.

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      I tend to prefer shorter articles. Most of the time I make my blog posts between 300-400 words or so.

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      Well, Jessica, I think you hit the nail on the head! Around 5,000 – 1,000 what it typically requires to create a truly useful, engaging post. I find the shorter the articles I read, the more spammy and totally un-useful they are. I don’t like when I go to read something only to find that the author had NOTHING to offer on the subject, but too obviously wrote a bunch of words for $. It’s *always* obvious when they do it, too.

      For me personally, when writing on virtually any topic unless it’s crochet, I almost always go over 5,000 words. It’s almost always necessary. I learned during my writing courses several years ago that articles are typically found to be more enjoyable and read-worthy when they’re closer to the 1,000 mark.

      I will admit it does depend on your topic, but you do a fabulous job on your posts & your word count is just perfect. Not so long that it deters a reader, but long enough that it promises nice, detailed content.

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      I have read some pretty crappy long articles and not so good short. So length is meaningless, its what is wrote within that length that matters. However I have read plenty of wonderful short and long post to. For eyes sake I like reading 500-1.000 words. And when I write something I try to keep it 350-1000 words. Not always easy though.

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      I tend to prefer shorter to the point articles but I also enjoy a long one every now and then. Just as long as it is very interesting of course.

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      Very good question. The length doesn’t matter to me as long as the subjects within the article are separated by bold headings. That way I can quickly find the info rather than reading the entire article, if it isn’t necessary. Sometimes I just want a fast answer to a problem. I suppose that it depends upon what it’s about. Some topics you wouldn’t want to just skim through. 🙂

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      Grecy Garcia

      Depends on a topic. If the topic is not my interest but needs to read for the information I wish of getting, I prefer short one. If the topic is of my interest, I want the story to read it long. I want to read stories about pets and life struggle to inspire, don’t mind if it is long.

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      I prefer an article with bold headings in between paragraphs. The length doesn’t matter to me if I can zone in on the exact topic that I’m looking for by visually scanning bold headings. My articles and posts tend to range between 400 and 600 words, and I try to make it easy for my readers to find what they’re seeking at a glance. I mainly write on problem-solving topics and products. No one wants to read a novel if they want a quick answer. They’ll back out of the post or article and find another one. With that said, I suppose that it depends upon a person’s area of expertise. Some enjoy reading stories online, but I’m not one of them. Although I have a vivid imagination and come up with story ideas, I don’t write fiction. I don’t read fiction either.

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      I like both – long and detailed, short and sweet, they all have their own beauties.

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      It really depends, but most often, I prefer shorter. I don’t have as much time to sit and read at a leisurely pace as I would like to have.

      I’m also more likely to read a longer article article if the page is broken up with sub headings or bullet points of lists. If it just looks like a rambling bunch of paragraphs, I’m not as likely to be interested. I want to know at a glance if I’m going to find it interesting or helpful, before I spend time to read it (if it’s long).

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      I prefer reading shorter articles, so that I can read at least 20 articles in an hour. If long articles will take me a longer time to read. I don’t just read the 1st paragraph and comment. That is just a bluff

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      I do not have any preference as such. When I have time, I like reading detailed and in-depth articles, especially on Politics, Sports, Economics, Historical events.
      On the other hand, crisp, shorter articles on niche Technological topics, New scientific discoveries, current affairs, International trends, tourist places are what I like.

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      I prefer to write long articles esp on controversial topics. But as far as blog posts I am in the 300 to 400 word range.

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      Susmitha Anoop

      I prefer reading shorter articles.

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      Most of my blog are from my experiences and most ranges to 400 to 600 words.

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