Do you prefer books or movies based upon books?

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      I love reading books. I am quite a bookworm. But I also love to watch movies based upon the books. Although I must say that the last movie which I watched, Child 44 didn’t impress me. I read the book first and then watched the movie, and I must say that the book is much better.

      The only books that managed to be the same as the movie are: Hannibal and Bridges of Madison County.

      So what about you, which one do you prefer?

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      It really depends on the movie and the book. There are times when the book and the movie are equally good, but also times when one of them is just so much better. But I also feel like it depends on what you got your hands on first. Because if you fall in love with the movie version it may be hard to like the book version more or the other way around.

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        I agree with you @tinnie . I guess it also depends on who is directing the movie and how he/she approaches the book and the movie.

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      Books hands down. I have yet to see a movie better than a book.

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      I don’t know I prefer reading the book before i watch the movie based on the book.

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      I prefer books. Before I started to read the Harry Potter series, I was able to see the movies. I think. I like that fact that it was not Neville who game the gillyweed to Harry Potter but it was Dobby the house elf (Book 4)

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      I almost always enjoy the books better than the movies. But I’m a reader.

      With the Lord of the Rings and even the Hobbit I did enjoy the movie versions a lot. Probably better than the books.

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      There are no movies that can be better than the books they are based upon. Not even one. The closest one was “Gone with the wind”, but in my opinion, the movie was just as good as the novel, and not better. Usually the movies are major disappointments as we tend to have very detailed imaginations about the story line arising from the descriptions we read in the book which we expected unrealistically the movies to recreate.

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      Tobi Richard

      i prefer books because it makes me create the imagery of my choice

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      Jeanette Hall

      Have a vivid imagination, so I prefer to read and let my imagination loose on the text! Beats any movie ever made.

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      I prefer books. Books are more detailed.

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      I agree with you @Tobi and @Jeanette Hall .Imagination is very important when it comes to reading books. I also have a very vivid imagination and that is why I enjoy in books a lot.

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