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      Are any of you gun-owners?

      What is your stance on guns? Do you prefer your country to allow their citizens to carry guns, or even keep them in their homes for safety precautions? Do you carry one or keep one in your home? Or do you happen to be strictly opposed to gun rights for any reason? Care to share your opinions and feelings on this? I know everyone’s opinions and feelings and ways will vary, so we’ll all respect each other in this discussion.

      Personally, I used to be really fearful of guns and wanted *nothing* to do with them. In fact, I wouldn’t even touch one. I later (not too long ago, actually) realized this all stemmed from fear and simply not being educated at all about guns. So obviously, fear comes naturally when you just aren’t educated about something like guns.

      Eventually, I came around and even keep one in my room for safety reasons. I have shot several times, but could use more practice. I wouldn’t call myself an enthusiast or someone with a passion or hobby towards/for guns, but definitely am for gun rights. It’s nice to know I have a form of protection bigger than my tiny fists beside my bed when I sleep.

      Once I became a little more educated about guns and finally practiced shooting myself, I became aware that my fears were quickly dissipating.

      So what about ya’ll? Guns or no guns?

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      Yvanne Garcia

      I don’t own a gun but I’d like to have “Beretta 950B Jetfire” for pistol and “Smith and Wesson 327” and “Swiss Mini Gun” for revolver. 😀 I like them because they’re small and cute. hahaha 😀

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      No I don’t own one.

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      Robert Stukowski

      I own two BB pistols that I inherited from my grandfather.

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      i don’t won a gun and no plans of having one..

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      *i don’t own..

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      We are not even permited to own one without a special permit which is only given out against a valid reason.

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