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      Even if a topic is relatively important, it might not really be “fun” to write about. Do you have more trouble writing content about something if you find the subject matter boring, or do you just enjoy the craft of writing so much that it doesn’t bother you?

      I can keep going, especially if I’m getting paid to write.

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      Karen Fainges

      I delight in trying to make boring stuff interesting so it’s actually a good challenge for me. I only have problems if I disagree with the information or how I am asked to present it. In that case, I just don’t do it.

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        @Karen Fainges I do that too, sometimes. I like a good challenge.

        @glorious1969 That’s really good advice. I try to do that with my own blog. I write when I can, and I can always post the “extra” content to my blogs later.

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      I do not feel uneasy writing boring content.

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      Yes, if a topic really bores me I get bogged down. But I will follow thru esp if I am getting paid.

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      If I am getting paid for it, then no writing is boring for me. I like to research stuff and use my words to make it interesting. For fun, I write anything that i choose to write.

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      Tobi Richard

      Yea i love writing even when i am bored especially on sites like blogjob. You just know that you will have a reward.

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      Honestly, I never write anything that I find boring. I am writing about the things that I love and that are interesting to me.

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      I get bored if the topic is not interesting. Besides, if you have a lesser knowledge on a certain topic, you will feel tired to churn out words from a vacuum.

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      I get fed up when my blogs do not have any comment. That means, it is a boring topic. So, I won’t be writing that topic again. I noticed that here, the writers are pet lovers

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      Yes. It is why I will never be a “pro” blogger. If it bores me I don’t write it. And the stuff that doesn’t bore me is usually stuff that nobody else cares about enough to read and comment.

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      I don´t write what is boring to me because I can´t find words to write and then there´s no motivation in my part. It might be boring to the readers but not to me.

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      I don’t post things that bore me at the web site but I think I’m pretty good at picking out the least boring hack writing assignments that are offered, and staying awake long enough to write those. I’ve done a lot of “research” on Amazon and other product reviews this year. I spent much of yesterday writing about the differences between the different model numbers of a popular “series” of computers, and it was sort of interesting, in a way, to find out that I wouldn’t take one of those computers as a gift.

      Generally, the more numbers, the harder it is for me to read or write anything, and the more pictures (even if I *like* the pictures) the easier it is to relax and fall asleep.

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        True enough, Priscilla. Sometimes, the topics that seem boring really turn out to be interesting. I have even gotten caught up in research at times, spending way more time than I had planned to spend, because the research made it more interesting. I like writing about most things, just some are better than others.

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      Janet Jenson

      It is like that saying about one person’s garbage being another’s treasure. But seriously, boring may be what I do best!

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      Hmm what do you mean by boring content? I find myself having issues writing about something that I don’t care about or I have no firsthand knowledge compared to topics that I really love to talk/write about, regardless if other people find it boring or not.

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      I feel as though I cannot write boring content. Although, I don’t know if what I write is boring to others. I don’t like the normal how is your day posts or just boring information. I like to write short stories and poems mostly. I do write what I call basic posts as well. And I write journal posts. Although those would most likely seem boring to others.

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      There are some days that I am not in mood to write and I push myself and it makes me feel bored.

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