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      I have noticed that I have a difficult time leaving an article alone. If it required research, I’ll keep looking for information even though I have enough, and once I have published a blog entry, I’ll go back and fiddle with the formatting or looking for a better image.

      It drives me nuts, but I cannot help myself, most of the time. It is my baby, and I have difficulties with letting her go!

      How many of you have the same problem? Can you have a hands-off attitude after publishing?

      How long does it take for you to leave that entry behind?

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      I do to some extent but I try not to over focus on everything. I know that it isn’t perfect and I except that fact. I am sure that over time I will get better and produce even better content so that is my hope.

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      I try to read over mine once or twice and then I post it. I do not dwell to much on it as it’s a blog and there are suppose to be mistakes.

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      It’s not rare I also do after publishing. At some extent it’s a good feeling because then you’ll do your best to make your content better.

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      I don’t tend to second guess mine. I know that I am not the best writer around, but I realize over time I will continue to improve.

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      I have the same over perfection feeling about my posts.
      Most of the time, I will spend like 7 to 8 hours doing research on a specific subject.
      Then I will start writing my content.
      I will modify it like 10 times if not more.
      The funniest part about it is that most of these posts will end up being a draft and never gets publish.

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      I’ve found that the best way to spot mistakes is to read the post or article out loud. That’s how I find most of my errors. I make lots of changes while reading out loud too. Give it a try. 🙂 It really helps me. I feel silly reading to myself, and I get a few strange looks from the dog, but that’s okay. 😀

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      Grecy Garcia

      Why try to write about something of your interests. Me I am passionate about life struggle, about pets, about earning site that is why I do not even researched whenever I am writing my stuff.

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      My trouble is to start writing. I always leave it till the last moments.

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      I usually don’t fret too much over blog posts. I try to proofread and stuff, but I don’t go crazy. If I’m doing paid writing for a client then I go crazy. I find it’s best to sleep on it, and then reread it the next day (if I have time for that).

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      I would stop looking if if it bugging me. I would search later when I am feeling in good modd

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      I only write what I know but when I need to search something like health benefits, I have to google. I read my post up to 4 times and then let my hubby read it in case I have overlooked a mistake. Then I published my post.

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      I usually write from my head. And whn I do that I just keep writing until I am done. then I check up for mistakes and press the publish button. If I am writing a post that needs some research, I do the research and usually I have it all memorized in my head, and then I proceed to write.

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      I confess to this same dilemma. I just want to keep writing and writing. Then I want to proof my post 2 or 3 times too.

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      I am not the best writer as well. I am just a new in blogging but I love to write as it helps me vent out my thoughts and emotion. It is my stress reliever. Don’t take it really hard, Take it easy.

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