Do you have a Facebook page specifically for your blog(s)?

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    Do ya’ll have a Facebook page you’ve created specifically for your blog(s)?

    Do you think it’s important to have a Facebook page dedicated to your blog? And for those of you who do have one, does it seem to have many benefits yet? Has it increased your traffic or anything? Do your readers seem to really appreciate the Facebook page dedicated to your blog or does it just go un-used?

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    Nah..I never bothered making a page for my blogs. After knowing about how Facebook operates, I rarely use my page anymore, and created a “group”. Basically Facebook wants to show your friends “friends’ engagement” and not “businesses'” So Pages do not get high views…. With groups, anyone in th group will get a notification when you post.

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    Thanks for sharing your input on that, JSnitz! That was useful, too. I didn’t want to waste time creating and trying to update a page if it wasn’t going to be worth it. I am an admin on another FB group page, but it’s more like a support and informational page, so it’s actually worth it in its own way. I am thinking it wouldn’t be worth it to have a page for my blog, though.

    I just try to share my blog stuff on my personal Twitter account and stuff, but like you said, it does seem like a FB page could be worthless in this kind of endeavor.

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    Yes I do. I have my personal facebook account and for my other tasks online like blogging and joining promos and freebies. I have to separate it because I have to keep my other account public so everyone can see my posts for sharing and tagging promos which is one of the requirements when joining certain promos. While I keep my personal account private and could only be seen by my closest friends.

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    Xelaiehm: That sounds like a good idea. I was considering setting up separate FB pages for my different blogs and stuff, but after the responses I got, I started thinking it probably wouldn’t be worth all the time invested in keeping all of them up. Maybe later I would. Sounds like you have yours very well set up and organized. I can see yours being useful since you share promos and stuff. People tend to be more likely to “like” or subscribe to posts/blogs of that nature.

    Good luck with yours! 🙂

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    That is a great idea. I am strongly considering that. I really want to start sharing & promoting my blogs much more then I currently am right now.

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    i dont have one but i think its good to seperate business and friendship. it can also be great since you socialize with those who share interests.

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    To be very frank, NO. Your friends simply click the like button and that’s about all.

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    at this moment i dont have blogs. i have been use page whenever i want to promote my products online. 🙂

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    Simona Abdi

    I don’t have a separate FB account for my blogs, but maybe I should reconsider this.

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    I have a Facebook page but i do not maintain it.

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    I do not but should think about creating one or more.

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    yes i have…almost 900 members now on my page

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    Yes I do. I have two blogs and for both of them I have facebook accounts.

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