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      There are differing views regarding the decision on whether to add a donation button to your page or not. Some folks think it’s downright wrong and feel like it’s off-putting and looks tacky to ask for donations like that. Others think that it’s a perfect idea, and well, you know what they say “if you don’t ever ask….”

      So, what do y’all think, honestly.
      Do you have a donations option on your blog?
      Do you think it’s “wrong” in any way to put one up and allow folks to donate $ to you?
      If the answer is yes to the last question, would you mind elaborating why you feel that it’s wrong in some way?

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      Ugh, I hate it when bloggers attempt to direct users to the donate button! Having it there is okay because some people use that for income and why not, but it’s not okay to push people to donate. On the blogs I’ve read that use the pushing it on their readers tactic, they also guilt trip them into making a donation. For example, they’ll blog about their money struggles even if their blog is not about money struggles. I find it tacky and off-putting.

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      Thanks for your thoughtful response.

      Yuck! I wouldn’t want to visit a blog that used tactics like that to get donations. Wow. That would be off-putting. I haven’t seen any who do that, but now it makes sense to me why people say it’s tacky to put the donation option up. They’ve probably encountered blogs that do the things you described, so no wonder!

      I do recall once when a blogger I followed (and worked with) who put up their entire financial situation regarding their rent and even went so far as to put up photos of their eviction notice, and ranted about how they were being kicked out. I felt sorry at first, then the posts kept coming, and the sympathy pleas began coming across as manipulations to get $. It did put me off to them completely because others who’d worked with us in the past had talked about feeling scammed out of their money by this person. They went to great lengths not only on their blog, but also sending frantic emails and Facebook messages to their friends & co-workers asking for $.

      That was my only experience with that sort of thing. But yes, I would agree, if a blogger was doing something like what you have experienced, it would feel almost like they were being manipulative, and people don’t like it when they’re treated like fools who will fall for anything and not see through the manipulative-like tactics.

      I think I’d prefer them to just come straight out & say, look I am trying to make a living and blog at the same time, so if my blog is providing you with anything useful and you feel like it’s worth donating to, then there’s a button for that. I mean, people can see! You shouldn’t go any further than simply sticking the option there, and leaving it. If people want to donate, they will, but pushing it will only make them feel like they’re being begged simply for visiting your blog and of course they’ll go away. Only makes sense.

      & guilt trip tactics? No way. Not acceptable. That too would make readers feel like the blogger was trying to dupe them, and then they’re just going to feel insulted. No need to go that far. In fact, I think it would push possible money-givers away even more if you felt the need to go so far as to hang your personal financial situation out there and ask for $. I feel like that would only give the readers the idea that 1. you could try getting a job and putting the blog on hold. 2. It could put off a lot of folks reading who happen to know someone (or be that someone themselves) who are having troubles ten times worse in life, and that certain wouldn’t help get people to donate!

      Doing that is only going to give people the natural thoughts such as “well, you could get a job in place of blogging…” Pushing it on people is going to cause them to consider your motives and come to that very question and then decide that they don’t want to donate. That’s what I think would happen anyways.

      I agree — it’s tacky to use those means of trying to get donations. There’s no way around it. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone enough to donate if they’re doing those things. There are many other ways to go about getting $. In the long run, I think those bloggers will end up losing more than had they put the button to donate up and left it at that. Readers will always have the question in the back of their mind ‘what is this person’s motives? Can I trust what I read here?’ And they’ll probably even begin questioning if there’s even anything worth hanging around for.

      So many people are spending their time trying to figure out ways to improve their own income and financial situations, so going to blogs only to be asked for more of their $ (which people get asked all day everyday, and now while browsing the web too) isn’t going to go over well with any person, I don’t think.

      Well! This has given me a lot to think about (and write!) Lol. Thanks so much for chiming in with your input. I can totally see why folks would consider the donate option tacky now, and I would too if I saw the things you described happening.

      I hope this (your points) will be useful to other people who might consider taking the route of using the donate option in a tasteless manner. 🙂

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      Okay so now lets say that I am currently trying to open my non-profit organization.
      Therapeutic Fish Tank.
      I will be shortly posting a post about the benefits of owning a fish tank.
      Hopefully you will be interested 🙂
      My goal is to offer affordable Fish Tanks to everyone no matter their income.
      Like a sort of Rent-to-own your fish tank with adjusted monthly payments according to their budget.

      Now, what if I display the business financial needs in order to get started?
      And what if I ask for donations in order to get there?

      I would love your opinions!

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