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    Kyla Matton Osborne

    I noticed two issues tonight:

    1) The new ads at the footer of the page are NOT friendly. I accidentally clicked on one because it was really close to a submit button, and it opened a new tab. When I tried to close the tab it triggered one of those “leave page/stay on page” pop-ups. Not cool! I did a little checking, and many of the new Free Money System ads result in a similar action. And some also launch very loud videos that are set to auto-start.

    2) Fonts on BlogJob seem to have changed to a smaller, boldface italic of some kind. It’s difficult to read, and wreaks havoc with any formatting I do on my posts.

    Is there anything that can be done to correct these issues, @sheridan?


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    Super Spy

    I understand the ads are necessary, but I have noticed they have slowed the site down and even my laptop if I have the page open. I have had other sites like this and if I keep it open all day, it ‘kills’ my laptop and overheats it.

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    I do understand the need for the ads but they are slowing the site.

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