Diabetes is a killer disease. We should control blood sugar in time .

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      Diabetes open the flood gate of all diseases if the blood sugar is not controlled in time. It can not be cured but can be controlled by medicines. It is compulsory to test the blood sugar once in a month if diabetes is detected by pathologists. Only medicines can not check the blood sugar provided the life style is not changed. The feeding habits are to be controlled. Only the balance diet maintaining the required no of calories ( to be decided by the dieticians ) are to be taken twice in a day. Carbohydrates’ intake is to be kept to the minimum. Tasty foods and fatty substances are to be given up.Vegetable proteins and animal proteins may be taken in considerable quantity. Sugar,sweets and cakes may be given up. The diabetic patients should not eat potatoes, Juicy sweet fruits etc. They should eat plenty of green vegetables. Lastly they should stop smoking and drinks.
      To keep body fit, they should undertake physical exercises, yogic exercises. They should undertake brisk walking either in the morning or in the evening. Walking is a good exercise to control the blood sugar. No amount of relaxation will not serve the purpose.

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      very nice article its educative since some of us ignore very serious diseases like diabetes.

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      Grecy Garcia

      Anyone can get diabetes if your lifestyle is not good. If you do not exercise, eat fats, do not have enough sleep. Actually those are the things that i am doing right now.

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      Yes…I’ve been staying off my slightly sprained foot for three weeks and worrying about restlessness and flab, but worse things can happen when people don’t exercise every day.

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