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      Have you been the victim of a deer buck or doe hitting you while you are in your vehicle? My son and his fiancé was in this situation last night the deer was not found but damage to side mirror and both doors.

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      Oh no I’m sorry to hear that.
      🙁 Luckily no I have not.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I haven’t seen a deer.In my country, there is no deer, but a sheep.I wish to see one.

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      where do you live?

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      I had several near misses last year. In one, the doe jumped completely over the hood of the car. Thankfully I wasn’t going fast as it was a residential neighborhood. I haven’t had close calls this year, not counting chasing them out of my garden.

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      I’ve seen this incident on Youtube that goes viral. I have no experience regarding to this issue.

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      Jeanette Hall

      Grew up in an area of the country that was referred to as “Deer Run”. It was unusual not to have been in an accident involving a deer. In all actuality, personally was never in an accident involving hitting a deer. No idea how I managed it. Never had a deer hit my vehicle, either. A Angus bull hit my mom’s car while I was a passenger. No deer, though.

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      I live in “Deer Kingdom”-actually West Virginia, but since we have an overpopulation of deer…-but I’ve never to my knowledge had any run-ins with them. The sad thing is that where I live, you’re more likely to run over cute things than obnoxious things.

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      In this area of Montana, almost everyone is a deer hunter. The deer are wise, though. They’ve already moved into town in preparation for deer season since they seem to know that people can’t legally shoot them in town. The herd in town usually consists of about 30 deer, does with twins and triplets mostly, but there are now about 10-15 big bucks in town, so I fully expect that there will be some deer-car and car-deer collisions.

      This is also a tiny town; 800 people in the whole valley, so counting the deer, elk and bighorns, there are more wild animals than people. It’s no wonder so many people flock to Montana every year for hunting!

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