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      Stephanie C

      Do you make a daily point or blog post goal each day? Do you feel like you meet your goal on a regular basis?

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      I used to do a Daily Goal post on ChatAbout and then when that whole site fell through I didn’t think of continuing that. I feel like maybe if I did, I would be better at completing my blog posts on time and could maybe actually write more than one a day. I know that I will post about my blogs before I finish writing them to get you all excited (well, that’s my hope anyway) but it’s not a dedicated “This is what I’m going to do for blog posting all day” list. Maybe I’ll start doing that!

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      Grecy Garcia

      I only blog in here and I haave a limit of 2 blog per day. So it means I post 2 articles per day. This is my only blog site at present.

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