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      I’m interested in making posts about cool places to go. I currently live in Puerto Rico so most of my posts will be about cool places and things in Puerto Rico. When I go to other places I plan on talking about some highlights about them to make others interested in going and enjoying themselves. I created a post already about one of the amazing beaches in the island where I reside so if anyone’s interested in reading or sharing stories about their experiences let me know, I think it’d be fun. I can also share photos if anyone’s interested.

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      Here’s a link to my posts site

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      The coolest place i have ever been was Breckenridge Colorado

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        but why? what was cool about it? give a story about why you liked it

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      Oh there are many cool(est) places, but I give you one :Bruges in Europe. I loved the architecture, the beer, check some photos and I wrote a poem on my website about Bruges. 🙂 I loved your blog Elocin!
      It seems you have adventures 🙂

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      Hollywood is pretty cool. I love it out there. So many fun things to do.

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      Germany Hohenzollern Bridge or Love lock bridge – where lovers from all over come to hang and secure a lock to a fence symbolizing their love being locked forever. And then they kiss and throw their key into the river below.

      Germany Nurburgring – a very famous racetrack, my husband dreamed of going here when we were just kids in high school and we finally got to make his dream come true.

      Denmark – Copenhagen – we got to see the famous statue “Little Mermaid” made to commemorate Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark native.

      – also there are so many bikers there – there is at least 30 bikes to one car on the road, maybe more.

      San Francisco – there is the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Building, Pier 39, Coit Tower, Lombard (the crooked) street, it is a city of bustling and color. If you want more quiet touristing in S.F. you go to Golden Gate park.

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      I think that sounds like one very interesting blog! Can’t wait to see what all you have posted. I love seeing new sights. 😉

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      Hop over to Samoa or Tegulcigalpa…your post will be so cool if you actually visit these cool places..

      YOLO, right?

      I travel frequently and love it. The experience, sights and sounds of a new location and people. I’m excited for you!

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