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      With the points now greatly reduced what kind of changes do you think that we will see in this site now?

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      More blogs and less interracton..

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      I think people who interact on the status update activity section but don’t blog will leave. That could be good or bad. It may cut back on short comments that aren’t attached to posting in the forum but it will also cut back on being able to discover new blogs (if not theirs, at least blogs from other users).

      Mostly I worry that there will be less interaction in general, and that’s one of the things I love about BlogJob. Writing the blogs is a solitary activity, but it’s nice to have a sense of community among members via discussions.

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      Who will comment if you except to get just one point, so small. If the plan was to reduce then it should be 2 rather 1. We were getting good amount of points by comments and wall update. However, there maybe a strong reason behind this decision so we should keep going and do our efforts to get the maximum points.

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      I wasn’t a big user of the groups and forums as it was and I was going to try to add more in to up my points, but now that it’s reduced I don’t see the point. I still like talking, but I’m not going to be any more interactive than I have been, whereas if it had remained the same I might have.

      I got most of my points from blogging and that’s what I will keep doing. There may be a change that is noticeable, but I think the way I’ve used the site, it won’t be too noticeable to me. I think I was under the assumption that everyone who was here had a blog as it’s called BlogJob

Viewing 4 reply threads
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