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      I’m at a loss on how to monetize a blog since I’ve never done it before. I already have three posts; two of which are actual reviews. Could anyone give me a list of places I can check out other than adsense? It won’t let me add my blog because it’s a sub-domain (

      I’d really appreciate anyone’s help!

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      the first thing to blog monetization is having enough content, so i suggest you add more posts.
      second is finding readers to our blog posts; market your blog by sharing on social media sites like fb, tweeter, g+, pinterest, digg among others.
      when you have an audience, you can apply for chikita (works similar to adsense)
      another way is to add amazon, shareasale, or any other affiliate links.

      hope this was helpful @makahutch

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      you can use amazon links in your articles. I used that

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      Jeanette Hall

      How does posting your blogs on Amazon, etc. actually help you get paid for your blogging? Still have not figured this out for myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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        @jeanette I don’t think it’s a question of posting your blogs on Amazon. You need to create an affiliate account at Amazon and then you advertise Amazon products on your blog.

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      I do have a small blog that is very simple not look good, once the blog was approved and disabled by Adsense what is the possibilities to earn money with my blog

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