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      Breastmilk is designed to suit infants. It contains what it takes to build the immunity of a child. Yet adults have found use for it.Once a factory made ice-cream from it. Can you drink such?

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      All milk (human, cow’s, goat, etc.) is designed to supply the needs of an infant mammal. That does not stop adult humans from drinking the milk of a cow, water buffalo, goat, etc. Why not human breastmilk?

      The only caveat would be that you would only want to drink the milk of a woman you know to be free of STIs and not consuming any medications. Some might be present in the milk. So essentially, it’s a great resource (free milk!) within the family. But you wouldn’t want to drink the milk of an unknown woman.

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      Breastfeeding is only for infants below 2 years, adults are not allowed to drink it.

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      A friend of mine has tried breastfeeding milk and she says it tastes great. I personally think that breastfeeding milk is only for children up to two years.

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      @ruby3881 I won’t touch any even with a ten foot pole. It is like turning a woman into an animal or a machine to produce milk for you. It is a violation of human life.

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      @afrin I totally agree with you. What can’t a human do? Breastmilk is not for adults. It is a violation of infant rights.

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        Kyla Matton Osborne

        @stbrians You do realize that women generally produce much more milk than their infants need, right? Any woman who produces a great excess will want to extract it; failing to do so causes pain. Once the milk has been expressed, why should she not share it with her family?

        In the West, some women will feed the milk to their older children and some will cook with it. Far better to do this, than to waste. Breastmilk is sacred. While some feel it is irreverent to drink it, others would say it is disrespectful to throw it away.

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      @lejla1311 Your friend did it? Not me!

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      The 2-year-old cutoff point is pretty arbitrary, as well. I have known many women who choose to continue breastfeeding until their children are 5 or 6 years old.

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      I advocate children to be breastfed to above 6 years @ruby3881

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      it depends, if the breast milk is a need, yes i will; for instance, maybe if it cured a certain illness better than all other options.

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      no way, breast milk is made from mom for their infants, not for resale

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      What I wonder is why everyone seems to think breastmilk would be sold? Perhaps there is a trend I’m unaware of, but other than banking human breastmilk to help mothers who cannot breastfeed for whatever reason, the only times I’ve ever heard of anyone using breastmilk as a food was for their own families.

      It’s a very organic process, not a commercial one. The woman simply expresses the milk her child doesn’t need and cooks with it or makes it into yogurt for her other children. She nourishes her own family. It’s not about robbing from an infant (the more milk expressed, the more a woman will produce.) And it’s certainly not about lining anyone’s pockets.

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      I wont take it even if it cures. I will puke @joseph Infant’s milk is infant’s milk @peachpurple What is the average litres a mum can produce in a day? @ruby3881

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      No. I would not as breastmilk is for the baby of the mother, not for sale.

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      @stbrians I think it varies greatly from one woman to the next, and even from one pregnancy to another. When I had my girls I didn’t have an abundance of milk. But with my son, I had a freezer full of breastmilk all the time, plus I stored some at my inlaws’!

      My son nursed as much as he wanted, and I still had enough to feed probably two or more additional children. I was expressing 250 ml after a feed, multiple times per day without any effort. So I had maybe 1-2 litres of EXCESS milk each day.

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      @thelme55 that is what i thought but it is being proven otherwise

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      That is some milk! @ruby3881 If a company or an entity would have approached you for the milk,maybe to buy,what would you have responded? @erlymccheaven Why not if it is proven to be o.k?

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      @stbrians Were this company providing what is known as “donor human milk” (DHM) to women whose own supply of breastmilk was not sufficient, I would probably consider selling my milk. But not before doing some significant research into how the milk was processed and distributed.

      For other purposes such as adults drinking it to bulk up for their weightlifting regime, I would probably reject the offer unless it was very lucrative for me….

      As I said, to me this is usually something a woman shares with her family or someone who is a close friend. Commercializing the distribution of human milk seems crass to me.

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      I do understand you maam. It actually depends on you, evaluation of the company and your discretion @ruby3881

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