Can I add my website on blogjob somehow?

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    Ajay Goel

    I already have a writing website. Can I add it on blogjob somehow, if yes, then where and how? And as I read one post, I got to know that I can use my ads too on blogjob?

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    Grecy Garcia

    You can promote it. I don’t think there is bad in there, but the ads, you need to talk to Sheridan with that since this is a blogging site also. You can always mention him by the way.

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      Ajay Goel

      Thanks a lot, Grecy 🙂

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    You can only promote your website in your posts here. You can’t use your own ads but you can use your adsense or chitika account.

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      Rachael A. Orbach

      I have a few blogs on blogger, I don’t mind to have a blog here too, but I want to know how do we figure out how many people went to my blog here?

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