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      Lately, I am too busy to join any forum which best suits my interest and command. I want to expose to a new writing environment. I have been writing a blog for almost 5 years now. Though I find it not so boring for I have the different topics and themes to write about, I want something different and a brief, concise post to share about. And the forum is what I have found.

      I have a particular Facebook page which has the membership of more than 11,000. That page is a venue for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) coordinators of various elementary and secondary schools in our country. I am the only admin who manages them, answering their queries related to the profile, status of their pupils and students in the system implemented by the Department of Education. That is the so-called Learner Information System (LIS).

      The Facebook is a very social media platform to interact with your friends, family members and to the members of your group or page created. But it is overcrowded and I want to have a more personalized and exclusive venue to interact with those members of my ICT coordinators group. So an idea to create a forum as a venue of concerns, queries, problems related to the work of ICT coordinators of the Department of Education (DepEd) and resources, orders, memoranda was formalized yesterday afternoon.

      I call it “DepEd ICT Forum” which as of this writing it has a registered users of 72 and 883 views so far as a newly created forum. The forum is less complicated compared to a blog site or website. Though readers in those sites could leave their comments, interaction or discussion to the post, but the forum is handier and easy to write about. The pages in the forum look neat and orderly. The forum is navigable than the website, as far as I am concerned. There are a lot of categories as labeled in various sub-forums to select for discussion and interaction.

      Thus, DepEd ICT Forum came to being.

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