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      Jah Verana

      Have you experience being brokenhearted? Too much pain or less pain? Why?

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      Being heartbroken is the worst feeling ever. Your heart becomes broken and even the faith you had in the word love is shattered. Although it is said that you must kiss a thousand frogs before you meet the right person. Heartbreak is what makes many people to avoid marriages because they don’t want their hearts to be broken. Personally i think being single is a blessing.

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      Grecy Garcia

      My heart broke when I was young. I have this crush and he likes my best bud more. It is painful to have a childhood love like that. It happens thrice to me. I am even think I am a lesser kind since guys always fell to my close friend than me.

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      I didn’t feel brokenhearted, Grecy Garcia, but in college I felt that boys would *always* like my friends better than me. (I sort of resigned myself to it because I skipped grade twelve and entered college at 17, so just hanging out with 18-and-19-year-old girls was as much acknowledgment of my hypothetical maturity as I thought I could expect.) It doesn’t last though. Well, I didn’t get to act out “the boy-crazy stage” until age 25, and didn’t even stumble into marriage until after age 30, but I did get there.

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      Oh yeah, during college days. I guess we have all gone through that feeling of being brokenhearted some point in life. It’s not a good feeling at all.

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      Oh goodness yes it can be difficult to deal with. Only when I learned to love myself & be strong on my own was I able to withstand it without breaking. It still hurts but it doesn’t take over & crush me any longer when it happens.

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