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      What are some of your favourite books and writers?

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      I have a very favorite book called Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos. Now her follow up book Belong to Me was good too, but the 3rd one flopped in my opinion. However Ms. De Los Santos has such a way with words that she reminded ME why I loved to read. Everything at that time had been really kind of the same book over and over again with different covers. I loved what she gave me in this book.

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      Amalthea Hustles

      One of the most enjoyable books I’ve read lately was “Reaper Man” by Terry Pratchett, from the Discworld series. It’s about Death taking a vacation, and learning how to be a person.

      I also read manga and graphic novels.

      I like a lot of writers, Hemingway, HST, Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Dostoevsky, Homer… I got a degree in English, so I could list off many more.

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      I am a fan of Tom Clancy.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I love suspense books so I go for John Grisham. I also love books from Nicholas Spark.

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      Larry Bond is a good military story writer.

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      My favorite book ever is from one Bosnian writer – Abdurezak Hifzi Bjelavac ”Pod Drugim Suncem” . The translation would be Under The Other Sun. I really love to read various books especially good books with true life stories. Malala also impressed me.

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