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      Grecy Garcia

      Do you follow a certain books when it comes to your writings?

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      I read books for the pleasure I derive, has nothing to do with writing.

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      Are you talking about a style manual? Editors recommend different ones, so I’ve never paid too much attention to consistency unless an editor requires one specific style. (Gertrude Stein once said, more or less, “Sometimes I think ‘Italians’ should be written with a capital I and sometimes I don’t, one can feel that way about anything.” I’m not sure of her exact words but remember that she used the comma before “one” where most English teachers would have demanded either a period or a semicolon.)

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      Books are the best companions of man. Reading books is a different pleasure. Writing something is different matter. It is the self realization of any topic that makes the man write in details on any topic.It is the thoughts of the mind that are written in words. Topics are many and varied to write. First i need a selection of a topic and elaborate it. Selection of topic is the main criteria for writing.

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      I am a bookworm. I love reading books of all genres and styles. I am a member of the local library and I enjoy my time spending there.

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      Jeanette Hall

      The few books I am lucky enough to own, I consider treasures and treat them as such! Lost many of my collection over the years due to relocating. Now have what (I hope) is a permanent residence. Miss many of my old books. Books unlock the universe to the reader.

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      No I don’t – but I’d love to own one for my guide. I like to know how style gives spicies to the write ups.

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