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      Lots of people make groups and join groups, but in most of the ones I joined, there is very little activity. Even the groups that have lots of members don’t seem to have many posts. Why aren’t people participating?

      I go down my friend’s list every day and view each one of their pages. Some people don’t even post on their wall or don’t have a site. What is everyone doing?

      Let’s keep in mind that good activity is what helps the site make money. When the site makes money, we make money.

      Interacting is also fun. Let’s be more social and get some conversations going!

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      I read your comments and I agree with you, lets work together now here. 🙂

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      Actually, it can be quite misleading when you visit a group. When you click on a group you see only a tiny portion of the entire thing, you need to scroll down and press ‘load more’ to get a perspective on interesting discussions you may have missed.

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      You are absolutely right. there are so many groups and so little activity. We need toparticipate more and start discussions. It should be fun and interesting.

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      I understand your concern. In fact I have now started rejecting the group invites that flood my inbox! Actually most of them create the groups just to earn those 2 points and they don’t have anything to say regarding the topic!!
      This is the very reason why many sites like this failed or had to change their model after some time. A lot of people use the features recklessly, spam, and misuse, prompting the admin to take stringent action. I won’t be surprised if the admin here stops paying for these activities.
      We need to use the site responsibly if we have to get paid for a long term. Hope those people understand it.

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      I hear you and I agree with you. I don´t join any groups nowadays which have no activities. What´s the purpose of creating a group if there´s no interaction.

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      I agree. I get so many group invitations everyday but there is hardly any activity.

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      Whew, I’m glad to see all these positive replies. I was afraid I might make people upset, but I just had to say something. Thank you all for responding.

      Well said, Laksh. It is about responsibility, and I hope more people see it the same way.

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      Jamal White

      I agree with all of you. Although I just created an account yesterday I plan to build productive relationships with each and every active member on here. I’m still in the beginning stages as far as profile edits and creating groups or sites go so I could really use some tips or help in any form to get started, It would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance 🙂

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      Grecy Garcia

      I think some of the groups are made because of the points. but if there are people who maintains it that is a different case. I can see some are active in posting in groups. Groups makes you find your own thing, like you will be grouping yourself based on your interests.

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      I think I will leave those groups who has no activity. So if you have create a group with no activity, start being active there.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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