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      Aside from Blogjob where else do you blog?

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      I use blogger.

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      Infobarrel, dailytwocents,day2datips, Writedge, and Blogjob: )

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        I keep hearing about Day2Day Tips and I’m curious to know how your experience is with it. For example, is it a site for writing 300+ word articles or is it for shorter content? Are there limitations on who can register for the site?

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      Genevia Cameron

      I personally write for myself and a few sites that pay per article. I think it’s about maximizing your time efficiently.

      When you get a host or do your own blog, you can utilize affiliates like Adsense, it’s great as a resume for potential clients and it allows you to control the topics being written.

      When you are strategic about whom you write for, you become aware that you can write for pretty much any niche and there are sites that will pay you upwards of $ 50+ per article. It’s not just about the article, it’s about the potential to do more for that site in the future based on the popularity of the content, the experience it gives you when approaching new clients, and the leverage to not work for sites that pay you pennies for your time.

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      I have a blogger account and blogjob.

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      Right now I am using BlogJob, Blogger, Daily 2 Cents and Elite Visitors. I am sure writing for yourself is better though and sites that pay a good amount.

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      Robert Stukowski

      I write for myself here and at my own blog at I ghost write blogs at BlogMutt, and I got odd blogging jobs at UpWork and Elance.

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      I usually write for wikinut, blogger,triond,write2earn and day2daytips , now on blogjob.

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      I use writedge, daily two cents, triond and Seraphicinsights. I also use Bubblews which I love. They’ve made some awesome changes over there.

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      A content marketplace called Swarm Content at will be opening soon. I have around 22 articles ready to sell. They will be selling articles and white papers to bloggers and other buyers once they have enough to launch the site. I prefer to write on topics of my choice and sell my work outright, but I also love BlogJob. It’s my main gig right now. I also submit to Daily Two cents, Writedge and Bubblews now and then. I prefer BlogJob, and I’m not just saying that because I’m here. 🙂 The jury is still out on Swarm Content since it’s not officially open yet.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I am writing on my blogger and then here in Blogjob. I love this site as I can create my own site to share my blogs. Is there still an Elite Visitor?

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