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      I’m sure we’ve all been there…the motivation to write, but you just don’t know WHAT to write.
      Do you have any tips to share on what helps you combat writers block?

      I’m an amateur (at best) when it comes to writing and I seem to spend more time at a loss as to what my niche is within the writing world. I think that might be why I get writers block more often than not.

      What tips, hints or pointers have you got to kickstart the inspiration and get the writing juices flowing?

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      Very difficult topic. I’m afraid I don’t have any helpful hints though. I just wanted to stop by and say that I have suffered with writer’s block for 10 years. Of course I refer to it as a Creative Coma. I woke up from my Coma last years and I have simply exploded in writing. I started by reading an abandoned short story I had begun in 2011 and ended up spending about 6 months on it to complete a full novel. Since then I published it and I made more progress on another abandoned novel project that I started in 2004; then I shelved that again to write a short stories book which is a counterpart to my publishing debut novel. I finished that book just this week.

      Let me go back a moment and let you in on a secret that helped m slightly prolong my creativity from slipping into its coma. Did I mention that I considered myself a poet? Well, that was what I primarily wrote. What I did was come up with the idea of trying to write something completely and totally different then what I was use to; and in doing so I hoped to be able to at least spark a bit of inspiration within my poetry as well. So, in the last three months of 2003, was when I wrote and completed my very first novel; and then I slipped into my coma.

      I guess what I’m saying is to just keep trying. Regardless, writer’s are going to get blocked; eventually it will come back. It just sometimes takes longer for some then others. Oh, one last thing. Try not to let the demands of the so called real world get to you too much because I know that played a real big role in my 10 year episode of Creative Coma. In that ten years I only wrote about 15 poems.

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      I can only tell you what works for me. Don’t focus on your current project for a period of time. Let’s say a week. Watch your favorite movie. Then watch your least favorite one. Compare what you loved about the former and hated about the latter. Sometimes, just thinking along the lines of “what a great line, I wish I had written that” or conversely “what a horribly contrived situation, I could have done better” is enough to spark a renewed energy. Hope this helps a little.

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      While I have not made my first site or blog, here, I do write articles for a couple of content sites.

      One of them pays so low that I haven’t written an article for them yet, but I still use it for inspiration.

      When I get a notice that an article in one of my chosen categories is available, I take a look at the article’s topic. I then whip up a few notes on a tangential subject.

      After that, I’m set to either write based on my notes, or on an idea that popped up while I was making notes.

      I also cruise online news sites for inspiration.

      Hope that helps!

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      Ooh writers block is definitely nasty, but I might have a couple of things that’ll work for you!
      For me, personally, if I can’t think of anything to write, I’ll try being creative in a different way. I’ll play piano or guitar or just doodle for a while.
      Another thing that helps is a trick my English teacher taught me. Get up. Grad a pen and some paper. Go for a walk. Find 3 objects with nothing in common. First, describe each of them individually. Then combine all of those objects together to create a new object. Then write a quick story about your new object. It’s incredibly silly, but it pushes you to be creative.
      Good luck!

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      Reading all your replies, you’ve got some fab ideas between you and definitely some ideas that I can try!

      I’m just not sure if I’m more of a creative writer or an informative writer. I feel more comfortable and confident writing on a more personal level but the other day I did something I haven’t done since I was in school. I took pen to paper and just started writing a story. I didn’t stop to think, I just let my mind lead. I managed a sheet of A4 before hitting a wall. But what surprised me was how much I enjoyed writing it.

      I think taking pen to paper will be the way to go, if I want to stay inspired. It seems to fill me with a different feeling as to when I’m typing.

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      To beat writers block try free writing. It is an excellent way to get all those creative juices flowing especially if you have no idea what topic to begin with. This also helps to get ideas for a specific topic and the great thing is there is no need to write totally perfect. No punctuation, no problem. Run on sentences, keep those sentences running. Once you are finished, read over what you wrote and highlight, circle, or simply write down the ideas you find to be worth anything. Then you can go from there. Free writing always helps me get to the starting point.

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      Just go to a coffee shop and write about the first thing which comes into your head.

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      There are some good ideas put forth on here to beat writer’s block. I think one of the best for those over 50 is writing with pen and paper because that’s the way we learned to write and our thoughts probably flow better from pen-to-paper.

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      When I get writer’s block on a story or a certain topic I find the easiest way to beat it is to take a short break and write about something completely different. This will take your mind off of it and often some of the ideas that come up in your alternative writing could be used as inspiration in the writing where you have writer’s block in. It’s almost as if you are beating the block without even thinking about it.

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