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      I have been in online earning and other online websites for over 20 years. I have earned and I have lost.I learned a very valuable tip from a friend the other day and I can share it with you.Be real about the content you are presenting. Don’t just throw a link at me and say here it is. explain to me what I am looking at and talk to me like I am a real person.I am not a computer so I will ask you nicely. Please don’t treat me like one.

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      Really good thought you share here.. every one should follow it.

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      You are absolutely right. A writer should always present the real stuff. The reader is not a robot, but a human being with flesh and blood and having the power of thinking.

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      I have to agree with this. You don’t have to tell me your life story, but do share enough details about a site if you want me to join it. If I have to ask half a dozen questions, you haven’t offered enough detail to be throwing a referral link at me.

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      It can be frustrating when people tell you about a site, but don’t bother to elaborate further on what it’s all about!

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      A lot of people or online freelancer would gather people just for referrals and would leave those people once they signed up under their links. I mean it should be like leadership, it is always an obligation to look after your downlines. I;ve got to agree as well to what you have said that one should be real and true for every opportunity they are trying to introduce to people to not disappoint them.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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