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      Grecy Garcia

      Do you have a favorite authors and Why? Me, I love Nicholas Spark and John Grisham.

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      Paulo Coelho,Robin Sharma, Dan Brown, Amish Tripathi, Sidney Sheldon

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      Simona Abdi

      Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens, Sidney Sheldon too, Jane Austen, Victor Hugo.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I love all those authors you two have mentioned. It seems I have found a book lover group here.

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      Oh jeez that’s a tough question.

      I think my top author, the one who inspired me the most, would be Douglas Adams, both Dirk Gently and Hitchhiker’s shaped what I read as a child and a large part of how I write as an adult. A mix of surreal events and comedic exploits in H2G2 just makes my heart explode.

      I’m also huge fan of Terry Pratchett for many of the same reasons, Discworld is probably the silliest series I’ve ever read but it’s also home to some of the greatest characters. I love writing about characters.

      If I had to choose a more recent author to include I’d say Scott Meyer, the Magic 2.0 series is (you’ll notice a theme here) a great mix of comedy and science fiction/magic. Sure some of the dialogue can be a big corny but that’s kind of the point of it. The people involved love that kind of thing, and so does the author.

      Ernest Cline is my last inclusion, the use of a lot of information and how it’s presented to a reader in Ready Player One is choice as it gets. It starts a bit heavy on the front end but as you go through it begins to taper into a wonderful story.

      I could write forever and ever about Vonnegut, Asimov, King, et all but for myself, as I am right now, I’d say these 4 are my top.

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      Grecy Garcia

      You really have a lot to mention in there @coinop though they are strangers to me. I will search them in Google to find out more about them.

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      My favorite authors are Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, Francis Bacon, Charles Darwin, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens , Sunil Gangopadhyaya.

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      Charlotte Bronte (more than Emily), yes. Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, yes. Bacon and Shakespeare, yes.

      Names I’d add that I’ve not already seen here? Mark Twain–an oldie but a goodie. LJ’s Ozarque a.k.a. Suzette Haden Elgin–need I mention again. (I like LJ’s Pameladean a.k.a. Pamela Dean, too–most Ozarque fans who used to be girls probably will; she has a new short story collection out now.) Piers Anthony, mentioned yesterday or the day before.

      I admit there’s some evidence that I might be the reincarnation of Eleanor Farjeon. I don’t actually believe in reincarnation though. Which brings to mind the college roommates who might have been the reincarnations of C.S. Lewis and Sylvia Plath. Which brings to mind the question: what’s going on, that nobody’s mentioned Lewis yet? (I used to try to write like him and now try not to do that, but I still liked all of his books.)

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      Arthur Chappell

      Too many to list, Pratchett, Lovecraft, Shakespeare, Lois McMaster Bujold,

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      The list is very long but here are some: Haruki Murakami, John Grisham, Mario Puzo, Khaled Hosseini etc. I am a bookworm and I am always reading some new book.

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      Karen Fainges

      I can see many like minded readers here. I also love Bujold and Pratchett. An Australian author, Kerry Greenwood gets added to the list of my favourites as well as a host of others.

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