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      To me yes. Previously, people didn’t have any problem in remembering the telephone numbers and other tasks to do; Whereas it is not the same case now.

      The so called useful tools including social networking apps, fully functional web surfing, games and many others mindlessly occupy time of people. Instead of doing productive work, people keep on wasting their precious time.

      What is your opinion?

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      @sreemathi I agree with you. And I don’t think these problems will ease in the future. They will just grow more.

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      Since smartphones have made life more convenient, I would say we have become lazy. We have everything at our fingertips.

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      Not really dumb per se but it made out lives so convenient we became too dependent to it. Plus, there are just too many to remember these days. Say the sample regarding phone numbers, it is difficult to do that these days because there is no 1:1 ratio between a person and a number. I know of people who keep 2-3 mobile phones at a time!

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        Some people think they are important enough to need more hand phones so that all important messages could reach them.

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      Adelee Gals

      smartfone?really? i think only a CONVENIENT way especially for CALLING and MESSAGES that I used to.

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      A gadget is helpful if people use it the right way. If they choose to misuse it, well, they are right to become dumb.

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