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      Hello my fellow Blog-Jobbbers,

      I thought I’d share something that we might should take a look at, as bloggers. I think it could be a good idea to take a look at our blogs to check and see how it appears as far as the ads go. When you look at your blog, as a visitor would, are there ads in the way? Are they cutting off your blog’s text? Are they generally an eye-sore and in the way, making it hard on the eyes?

      I am putting this tip out there because if you feel like the ads on your blog are a bit in the way and possibly turning readers off from your blog, then you aren’t alone. The automatic ads at the very top of my own posts are pretty off-putting to me alone, so I can imagine my readers aren’t loving them, but they are not placed by me and they aren’t bad enough that it will interrupt the reading process or flat-out run my readers off. However, I’m hoping there’s something I can do to re-arrange the ad at the very top of my blog and the ads that take up such a large block of space at the very bottom.

      I noticed while viewing my own blog, just to read over my posts, I was frantically searching for an “X” to exit off that bottom, large chunk that just takes up too much site space. It’s annoying and off-putting.

      Secondly, I’ve noticed other blogs with such large ads on the sides of the page that literally made reading the words impossible! There are ads taking up a whole side of the posts and it’s making it to where readers cannot even read your posts as there’s not even an “x” button! Not all blogs are like that, but I did come across some Blog Job blogs today with that nuisance, so I thought I’d point this out as something that the serious bloggers might want to remember to go check and see if there’s an obstructing ads preventing your blog from being read-able.

      Lastly, I want to also say that you might try asking yourself this question: “when I am searching for something online and click on a page only to have a huge ad (or other pop up) blast over the whole entire screen, interrupting everything you were trying to read, does it put you off?”

      It does me. In fact, there are specific websites I refuse to visit simply because each time I do, there’s a pop up. The worst offenders that cause me to never visit a site are: 1. Pop ups that show up as soon as you land on the page, covering the page asking for your email (or anything else), and 2. Those that creep up from the bottom and sides, slowly growing larger and covering what you’re trying to read.

      Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Those pesky pop ups and ads that totally frustrate you and actually make you want to just exit the whole website and go search for your info elsewhere? I know I’m not the only person with this irk, so I thought I’d make a point to mention to other serious bloggers here to perhaps check out your blog from time to time, to make sure nothing is so in the way that it will prevent you from getting readers. I was pretty mad at myself when I seen that mine was kind of off-putting (although I did NOT put the ads there), and thought well, great! If it’s annoying to MY eyes, I bet my readers aren’t going to fully enjoy their experience at my blog. 🙁 So, I thought I’d share that in case others here feel the same way I do.

      And one more thing: Is there a way we can arrange or in any way “customize” where those automatic ads and stuff show up?

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      I agree…keep it classy!

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