Anyone else have problems with USPS ?

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      I had a problem with my packages coming up missing and mail I received looking as if it had been gone through, the problem not really being with USPS but with the post office worker. I had also found that I was not alone other people around town had the same problem. I anonymously emailed Washington with my problem and in return my postmaster ended up with my email and confronted me about it. Which broke the privacy rights act, but I couldn’t find a lawyer around me who knew how to take on such a case. Has anyone else had problems with careless postal workers?

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      I haven’t had any problems no.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I have had many problems with them and so has my mom. I think it is crazy.

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      Anne Farmer

      No I have not thankfully. I hope you can get them all resolved if a problem is up.

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      i don’t remember ever using them. I hope you have your problems resolved 🙂

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