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    I have observed that 1 point for one post / comment / like etc., only for 50 points for posting a blog, I have a doubt whether is it possible to earn 100 points (which is limit per day) can be earned?

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    I will post an article and do a lot of interacting. It’s not easy to hit the 100 point mark if all you want to is forums.

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      I feel it is easy when we post one quality blog and other comments / reply / like to other 50 posts / shares on the site.

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    I try to write two blog posts per day to get my 100.

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    I can exhaust 100 points per day, not so hard.

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    I haven’t had enough time to spend here to earn 100 points. Then I saw that the rewards program was suspended & just haven’t been motivated. That happened the day after I joined. I jinxed it. 🙂

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    I would write 1 post per day and the balance 500points for comments but right now, I think I will focus on commenting first

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    Grecy Garcia

    If I have that kind of points, I will use this for blogging only. There will come a time that I will blog 1 and then interact but not everyday, I will give 1 day per week for interaction

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    I also write one blog and then get the remaining points from interacting. I feel that is easier because I am able to comment and join groups and like from my mobile whenever I find time where as for blogging I will have to sit before the laptop.

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    Mark Graham

    I normally can get two blog articles or 100 points a day. Usually one in the morning and in the afternoon. I am trying to research some more information for articles on my other two sites and I can easily write at least two more articles in a day. I am even trying to make this site my job to go along with my other projects. Hope everything works out I like it here very much.

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    Kyla Matton Osborne

    I’ve had no trouble at all getting to 100 points in a day, even without posting a blog. A combination of interaction in the forums and in my groups yields a lot of points, plus I always aim to promote my work and that of other writers. When I add a referral code to links, that can bring up to 25 points from just sharing a link!

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    now with no more reward program, I can’t see how many points I had.
    If the site comes back, I will still blog as usual, 1 post per day

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