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      I’m not new to blogging but with this site I definitely am. ^o^

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      My friend… just explore. You are not alone here. I am also a newbie. 🙂

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      Stephanie C

      As I’m sure you know, you have to stick to it. The only way to keep earning is to keep coming back, participating, and writing. Also, wait until you can cash out for the $100 at 10,000 points. You’ll double your earnings (some might redeem early at 5000 points for $25).

      I’d also recommend reading through the FAQ, and check out the many ways you can earn by clicking hovering over the “rewards” tab and selecting “earn rewards.”

      Other than that, just be active in the community. You can get a lot of help and support through your fellow writers. The community here is amazing, and everyone is really supportive. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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        ^^^ What she said! 🙂

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      If you can post on forum, I can see that you are becoming the expert blogjob user.

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      Letty B

      Welcome to BlogJob! This is a great site and community to be a part of. 🙂 The Activity button, which is found across the top set of buttons on the blue bar, is a great place to go to get an overview of all of the activity among all of the users on the site. There are a few different tabs you can explore from that page. Groups are a fun thing to create and join, so get involved in some of those if you can. Check out the Rewards section to see how to earn points by individual actions as well as by completing projects. Have fun! 🙂

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      I have so many and am always here to help. Blog about what you love and try to blog at least once per day. On here you can see the reward limits on the earn reward points.

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      I would say to have fun and enjoy yourself here. Make friends and appreciate the support. Try to write content you think others will find interesting but understand that most aren’t going to write award winning content, so don’t be too hard on yourself if what you write isn’t perfect.

      Don’t forget to monetize your blog site(s) and also try to share you blog posts too. Know that you are able to earn a bit here from blogjob which is great but this blogging site encourages that you also learn how to make money outside of it like through getting traffic on your monetized views. 🙂

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