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    Mark Graham

    Has anyone heard anything yet on the rewards program? I am posting articles here, but I am beginning to wonder. I would still write here if the only payout was for $100. That will make me work harder with the topics I want to share and teach more through my articles.

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    I know that Sheridan is still working on it and the situation is looking better, though not as good as it once was. The number of views is increasing, though slowly, because not all that many people are still writing.

    This is just my educated guess, but I’d say that the writing is the one thing that is slowing down the recovery and lengthening the amount of time before the reward program can be reinstated. I mentioned this some time ago, but to get the views where they should be, we need to keep writing. Revenue will still be low if there aren’t new articles. Yet, revenue needs to get up where it belongs in order to reinstitute the reward program.

    Those who persevere are the ones that will see the biggest benefit. This is always the case, but mark my words, it will be true again. Strictly from a business standpoint, and mind you that I don’t own this business, the people who keep on resolutely writing are the ones who show themselves to be of the greatest value to the site.

    Interestingly, the number of comments I’m getting on my posts have decreased quite a bit, but my number of views have greatly increased. Almost all of the views are coming from external sources like Google, Yahoo and social media.

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    Mark Graham

    I have written some articles while working on school work, but now since I am done with that for awhile I will be able to write more. Thanks for letting me know.

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    @rextrulove I have posted just one after the site suspended its points program. I think people will write even without points if only admin updates about site’s progress.

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      I think it is good if the admin just update every now and then to give the writers encouragement to continue writing.

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