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      Grecy Garcia

      Do you easily get angry? Are you losing your temper easily?

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      I do not lose my temper easily. I guess we all get angry at times. I keep calm in most situations.

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      Debbie Champagne

      I really try not to get angry because when I do just watch out! It may be a bad thing I try to hold it in all in, but when I let it out……well you can imagine. I do have that Irish temper from my dad, so that doesn’t really help. But I am working on it and trying to figure a way to let it out with a BANG.

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      I don’t get angry easily. I’m more prone to sadness, but I try not to let that happen either.

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      Jah Verana

      Yeah.. I am…I don’t know how to control it.. My anger controlling me..

      I can’t even close my eyes and just keep quiet but still I am trying a lot to

      control it..

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      maybe…. if I am in the right place to feel too much angry

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      Grecy Garcia

      I think we need to know how to control our anger. There are some who counts to ten before reacting or exploding, i hope it works for all of us. I try to apply this but it doesn’t work. I feel that when I am angry I need to let it out.

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      There’s an official Anger Inventory that measures how easily people get angry, relative to humankind in general. The surprising thing is how many women (and children) who have reputations for “terrible tempers” actually score very low on the test. Not because their answers are evasive, but because many people expect women (and children after a certain age) to be afraid to show *any* anger, however fully justified and however well controlled.

      I’m not a very angry person; there are times when I’m too slow to react for my own good. However, one of the news items in today’s Link Log made me feel angry all right–almost sick, because it demonstrated that an incident that I’d wanted to believe was isolated and accidental actually reflects something that’s commonplace, that everybody needs to think about. Thinking about it may turn other people’s stomachs too. But we needed to know.

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      I have a bad temper, but I have my reasons. I can’t be blamed.

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      I am very patient but when I explode, all hell is loose. My brother on the other hand loses control very easily. I guess he is like our mother, and I am like our father who is a very patient and quite man.

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      Jeanette Hall

      Am basically angry all the time since we left Colorado back in 2004. Haven’t been happy since. I miss that state!

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