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      Who here uses mturk? What type of hits do you normally take?

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      Okay, I was a mechanical turk there for a long time & since I’m lazy, I’m going to just paste something I recently wrote on a blog about my experience with MTurk. The topic was basically a comparison between MTurk and ClickWorker, and someone had been asking a question about ClickWorker, so the post I wrote will now make more sense now that I told you that. So, here it is:

      I’ve only ever seen two assessments available to me for taking since I signed up (which was a year ago, but I didn’t find time to take my first assessment until less than a month ago.) The thing is, even though I passed my test and have been able to view/complete tasks since the day I passed the test, there’s only been 1 type of job on the list for me to take & I don’t like it. LOL. It’s the Google search job which pays 0.03 cents for each task. The task requires you to do 2-3 Google searches per task. What I dislike about this task is that you are required to stay on the site (that you click on after doing a Google search with the words provided) for 2 minutes, so it takes a good 4 minutes just to earn that 0.03 cents. Since this is the only job available to me (and I suppose many others), that’s way too much time involved.

      You see, I started out as a mechanical turk for Amazon, which is very similar to Clickworker only far better, in my opinion. And I really hate to say this because I ended up being screwed over (forgive my language) by Amazon on this. It’s a long story, but what happened is I did the jobs for over a year and was very high ranked, which means I was eligible for a lot of jobs (your eligibility to earn higher pay and a larger variety of tasks goes up as you do a super job). Over time, one can really get a reputation with the companies who put the tasks out for us to complete. The better job you do, the more opportunities available to you. Also, there was no hour long assessment tests to endure with Mturk.

      With Mturk, as soon as you start, you have hundreds of various tasks you’re able to accept and complete. They range from all sorts of different things, including similar Google search tasks as what Click Worker has. However, each Google search task requires quite a few different searches you have to perform to earn your $ for that task. So, when I was there, it was typicall around 0.05-0.10 cents per search task. You aren’t required to spend any specific amount of time on the links like Click Worker makes you do, though, so you could earn money quicker.

      Not to get too lengthy here, but I wanted to make a few comparisons there. My problem with the Mturk job was that after over a year of working, I suddenly received an email from Amazon asking me to click a link, then go fill out this form asking for my social security number. I thought it odd that they would all of a sudden want this info, so I first went to Amazon’s support section to read up on it. It said they would never ask for personal info, such as your SS#, and that if you ever received emails asking you to provide personal info such as that, then to report it to their phishing dept. I did so, letting Amazon know about it and that the emails were threatening to basically shut down my account if I did not fill out the form. I did not fill out the form with my information since their website warned against doing this.

      I continued to receive the emails asking me to give my info. They said if the info wasn’t submitted within 3 days, I would no longer be able to stay on and work as a mechanical turk! I tried getting into my account before the 3 days was up and it wouldn’t let me work. I emailed Amazon asking them if their email asking me for my info was legit since I was no longer able to work. They emailed me back, but without an answer if it was legitimate. So I decided I’d risk it and filled out the form with all of my information, including my SS number. I thought all was well, was able to get back to work & everything. Until a few days later, I received more of those emails saying I had 3 days to fill out the form or else I would not be able to continue working. I thought maybe my first form didn’t go through or something, so I clicked the link in the email to go RE-fill out the form. It took me to a page telling me I’d already completed that step. It didn’t give me the option to re-do it.

      The emails kept coming, I kept trying to re-fill the form and continued emailing Amazon letting them know the entire thing from the day I got that email on. I got no helpful answers from them at all. They would not answer whether the whole thing was legit or how I could fix it. I told them I’d already filled out the form, asked why I wasn’t able to continue working although I’d done so. No answers.

      And I have a couple hundred dollars sitting there in my account that I can’t even use. Amazon won’t even let me use my earned $.

      So, obviously, I hate to admit that Amazon’s program is 10 times better than Click Worker. The only problem at all is how they handled this situation with me. I’ve been able to get nowhere with it and it was at least 6 months ago. I’m not sure if this has happened to others or not, but I do plan to take action to try and at least get my earned $. I also have most of the whole situation (including screen shots and saved emails from every conversation I’ve had with them) documented and figure I’ll end up publishing it online in hopes of getting them to finally handle the issue.

      Anyways, I apologize for such a lengthy message. I didn’t plan to share my whole darn journey here, but got into it anyways. I hope this helps in some way.

      I’m hoping that us newer Click Workers will eventually be able eligible for more jobs besides the one. I assume you have taken at least that first assessment? If so and you still are not seeing jobs available (you should at least be getting that one Google search task, like me), then it might be something to do with your scoring. I recall reading as I took mine that you must make a certain score or you won’t be eligible for some tasks. I don’t know. I would get in touch with their support, though. Also, I think Click Worker has a forum where you can ask questions from other members, but I’m not 100% sure. I would go there and ask if I were you.

      Check all the assessment available when you log into your account. I only ever saw two available to me. I only took the 1 as I really just don’t have time to sit through almost an hour again for another one of t

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      I went to sign up but had no idea how it worked.

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      I use to be on there until I tried using my amazon account to sign up for kickstarter. They now need me to send them a faxed copy of my Id and stuff. Might try doing that soon. Such a hassle though.

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